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Martial Arts Uniforms > Martial Arts Shoes > Rubber Sole Kung Fu Shoes

Rubber Sole Kung Fu Shoes by Wacoku

Rubber Sole Kung Fu Shoes

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Sizing Chart
Want it by Wednesday, August 23? Order by 1 PM EST on Monday, August 21 and choose 2nd Day Air.


Sized to standard men's sizes. To convert to women's, order one size smaller than you normally do. E.g., if you wear a women's size 6, order a size 5.
3.5 Star Rating (5 customer reviews)

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Product Description
    • Rubber sole with smooth inner lining
    • Lightly padded with extra padding along the heel
    • Reinforced elastic bordering the tongue

    With a pliable rubber sole and elastic on both sides of the tongue, these improved Kung Fu shoes offer a significant and comfortable range of motion. There is light padding throughout the body which helps keep the shape of the shoe over time as well as providing extra comfort whether you use them for daily training or everyday use. Also adding to the soft and light feel of these shoes is the additional padding featured along the heel section.

    Manufactured in traditional black with a light beige rubber sole

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I would like to get a pair of these shoes, but I don't kmow what size to get. My shoe size is a 12 on average but depending on the shoe I could wear a 13 or an 11. My foot measures 11.75 inches so should I get a size 11 or 12?   
by: Rob   
8/12/2016 9:48:36 PM
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Hi Rob. If you're going for casual wear then go with the 12. If you intend to do some kicking and technique, the 11 might hold better for you.
by: okiken108    
8/15/2016 10:35:45 AM
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comfortable and durable, but not all cotton

These shoes are very cozy for my wide feet, and the rubbery bottoms are superior non-slip soles. However, it is very frustrating that the upper is lined with polyester, which makes for hot, sweaty feet.   
by: nikinita   
6/14/2014 3:20:04 PM
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btw, I wear a women's size 9 extra wide, and the size 8 fits me very well both for length and width.
by: nikinita  
6/14/2014 3:21:52 PM
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Great Shoes

I love these shoes. I used them for Wing Chun and the move very well on wood floors, but too much such that I am sliding around the place. They are also great to wear around the house—they are very comfortable. All around, these are good quality shoes.   
10/8/2013 8:56:35 AM
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cheap product

Very cheaply made shoe. I thought was better quality. Same thing in Kowloon for .99   
by: stevek   
10/5/2013 6:49:52 PM
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Sizing question

I've been searching through many martial arts shoes on the web, I've found these are to my liking (being able to be more outside than others). However, I have an issue because I've been reading a lot of reviews and I wonder on my foot size - to shoe size. My perfect shoe size is about 12.5 but they say to get one size up (*13) due to being slim, but I also feel one size down (*12) for snugness and ability to stay on the foot. I jump around and run a lot so I wouldn't want it to fly off my foot in the middle of a small sprint.   
by: Liberty   
4/26/2013 12:16:36 PM
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Hi Liberty. I think you could get away with dropping down to 12 since the canvas of the shoe tends to be flexible. That being said, if you go up to 13 you could wear thicker socks and achieve the same results.
by: okiken108    
4/26/2013 6:18:58 PM
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I need a pair of good shoes for Wing Tsun. My question is I need a shoe that will allow a little bit of sliding on a wood floor but not be too slippery. I have a pair of Tai Chi cotton soled shoes that slide all over the place and have resulted in me taking a couple of tumbles on slick surfaces. I am trying to avoid that. Will these rubber soled shoes meet my needs?  
by: Randy   
11/4/2012 7:41:30 AM
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Actually Randy these tend to be a little slick on smooth surfaces as well. Something like this from Vans may be more suitable: http://www.vans.com/microsites/classics/slip-on-lo-pro/index.php
by: okiken108    
11/5/2012 1:55:48 PM
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outdoor use

Hi I'm a person that is rarely home so I was wondering if these shoes are good on concrete or able to withstand about 4 miles worth of walking
without falling apart on the first day  
by: Zaro   
9/29/2012 1:17:12 PM
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Hey Zaro. These shoes provide little in the way of arch support or padding, so if you aren't used to barefoot walking then it might take awhile for you to get accustomed to these kinds of shoes. In regards to quality, the price and design are not at the same level as an expensive running shoe. They'll last for awhile, but expect to replace them after extensive walking.
by: okiken108    
10/1/2012 2:45:48 PM
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Rubber Sole Kung Fu Shoes

An absolutely fabulous shoe!
They're comfortable and hold their shape.
I wear them around the apartment all the time.
Out of a possible ten ... I rate them a fifteen!  
by: pasdel@verizon.com   
8/10/2012 9:20:56 AM
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A real improvement

For healthy feet this traditional shoe is one of the most comfortable. The traditional cloth sole ones wear quickly, and getting them wet can ruin them. The plastic soled ones have all the traction of Teflon.

Finally, they figured out that a true rubber sole is ideal. Wetproof, good traction, and durable. The soles appear to be moderately hard and firm crepe rubber. They run true to size.  
7/26/2012 12:41:04 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
Wrong shoe sent at one point?

I just received my recently ordered Wacoku rubber sole kung fu shoes, and they appear to be identical to the pair of Gongfu kung fu shoes I ordered about a month or so ago. Was there a packaging problem or mis-ship? They both say "Wacoku" on the inside heel, and the $7.95 Gongfu shoes I ordered do not look like those in the picture, but look exactly like the Wacoku pictures. Any help or clarification would be much appreciated, and I love these shoes regardless.  
by: Ozark Mountain Ninja   
6/26/2012 6:14:21 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
Hey Ozark. Were the other shoes supposed to be these: cl-sh-28?
by: okiken108    
6/27/2012 11:31:14 AM
Was this helpful? (1) (0)
Yes, Okiken108, they were.
by: Ozark Mountain Ninja  
6/27/2012 2:30:23 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
Yes I think that was a mix up on our part! Please reach out to us at csupport@karatedepot.com with your information. We should be able to get it straightened away.
by: okiken108    
7/2/2012 1:23:59 PM
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How long would this pair of shoes last with everyday wear?   
by: jimnguyen   
5/23/2012 10:10:30 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
Hey Jim. That's going to depend on how hard you use them. If you are just using them as house shoes then they will last for years. If you are training in them or using them out and about that time span will be shorter.
by: okiken108    
5/25/2012 1:00:03 PM
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Sizing Info
Sizing option is in US men's. Women order one size smaller (if you are a women's 7, you are a men's 6)
European Shoe Size Coversion Chart
American 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
European 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48
Back to Top
Size: 3
Ships Immediately - 38 On Hand 
Size: 4
Ships Immediately - 17 On Hand 
Size: 5
Ships Immediately - 1 On Hand 
Size: 6
Ships Immediately - 50+ On Hand 
Size: 7
Ships Immediately - 50+ On Hand 
Size: 8
Ships Immediately - 39 On Hand 
Size: 9
Ships Immediately - 41 On Hand 
Size: 10
Ships Immediately - 50+ On Hand 
Size: 11
Ships Immediately - 44 On Hand 
Size: 12
Ships Immediately - 45 On Hand 
Size: 13
Ships Immediately - 48 On Hand 
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