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Punching Bags

How to select a punching bag: Standing Bags vs. Hanging Bags:

    If you can't mount a heavy bag to the ceiling, you can get a heavy bag stand or you can not hang the bag at all and get a Standing Bag.

    Standing bags work very well for those who are kicking as well as punching because the foam on standing bags generally start lower to the ground than a punching bag would. Standing Bags are also easy to roll out of the way, an added convenience if space is at a premium.

    Standing punching bags are filled with water or sand - water being preferably because of the wave-motion created - and weigh about 270lbs. when filled.

    Non-water filled hanging bags, particularly the Everlast heavy bags, are extremely durable and will have a long life at home or in a gym or training studio. Standing bags, while tough, do need more frequent replacement and can be more easily damaged by improper use and extremely hard strikes.


    The heavier the bag, the less it will sway. Some sway in a bag is a good thing as sway allows you to hone your foot work. Too much sway means the bag will swinging back and forth, not allowing you to work on your punching skills.

    A 5'8", 170lb. male who punches fairly hard should select a 60 or 70lb. bag. Extremely heavy hitters should select a 100lb. bag and significantly lighter hitters should select a 40lb. bag. If you are working primarily on accuracy and/or speed, you want the smaller target area of a 25lb. or 40lb. bag.

    To minimize the sway on a lighter bag, select a double-end bag. The bottom of double-end bags tether to the floor, which minimize how far the bag can sway. If don't have to attach the bottom tether of a double-end bag it becomes a classic hanging bag.

Which hanging bag should I select?

    You won't find many bags more durable or comfortable to punch than those Everlast manufactures.

    Leather bags are extremely long-lasting and feel great when punching with bag gloves, boxing gloves or a bare-fist. The top contender leather heavy bag is a great value.

    The Everlast Nevatear line features the highest quality vinyl outer.

    Water-filled heavy bags are weight adjustable - you can underfill the water core for a lighter bag. If at a later date you decide you want the bag heavier, just add more water. Being that the top portion of the bag is rarely struck, underfilling by a 10-20% is fine. Water-filled bags absorb more force than conventional (stuffed) bags due. Water-filled bags don't have the extremely long lives of conventional heavy bags.

    Heavy bags will absorb water and be ruined if exposed to the weather. For outdoor use, a canvas heavy bag is your best option. Leather and vinyl bag will get ruined by water.

    Going with a bag by a quality manufacturer (such as Everlast or Ringside), will ensure longer-life and a punching surface far superior to that of some off-brands.

    Except for water-filled bags, which must be filled with water, and standing bags, which must be filled with water or sand, all bags are shipped filled.

    All filled bags sold by us are packed with specifically-engineered filler, making them far more flexible and softer than sand-filled or self-filled bags.

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Heavy Bags
Heavy Bag
Wave or water filled bags are filled with water by you and can be underfilled if you want a lighter bag.
All bags other than the wave bags are shipped filled.
Double end punching bags latch to the floor as well as the ceiling to minimize sway and are recommended if you are going to be kicking the bag.
Use Bag Gloves to protect your hands.

Standing Punching Bas
standing punching bags
The base of a standing punching bag should be filled with water, which keeps the bag weighed down. The water also fills the center support of the bag providing a superior Wave motion.
Standing bags stand up very well to kicks, but do not wear shoes when kicking the bag to keep from ripping the outside.

Speed Bag Platforms and Sets
Speed Bag Set
Speed bag training increases punch speed, timing and accuracy.
You will need a platform, swivel and speed bag and some sets do not contain all those pieces.
Striking and Speed Bags
Speed Bag
Striking bags mount to the floor and ceiling. Speed bags attached to a speed bag platform.
All Everlast striking bags contain floor and ceiling mounting plates.