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Martial Arts Gifts > Gear Bags > Weapons Bag

Weapons Bag by Ronin

Weapons Bag

See larger image

This item is not currently available for purchase.

Carry your martial weapons easily, anywhere you go
5 Star Rating (1 customer reviews)

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Product Description
    • Includes internal straps to secure your uniform
    • Two pair of elastic loops to hold stick or stick based weapons
    • Large Zipper Pocket
    • Small Zipper Pocket with key area
    • Cell phone/ PDA pouch
    • Insulated water bottle holder
    • MP3 player holster

    The new Weapons Bag from Ronin has an expandable interior that allows you to transport not only your bokkens, escrima and canes, but also your pole-length weapons such as Bo's. This unique feature makes the Weapons bag an invaluable piece of gear that lets you carry all of your weapons easily to and from the dojo with ease. The bag is made from high quality nylon and features reinforced stitching at the seams. The semi-rigid bottom of the bag provides stability while still allowing the bag to be neatly folded away when not in use. The rubberized mesh ends adds strength and prevents weapons from poking through the sides. The inter mesh compartments allow clean gear to be separated from dirty gear. The inside of the bag also features unique straps that can hold your uniform neatly in place to prevent wrinkling while in transport. This is an excellent bag that enables you to transport multiple weapon types easier and faster that old fashioned duffle bags.

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Will it all fit?

Okay, I've got 2 6' bos, a pair of 18" sais, a pair of 20" tonfas, 3 sets of escrima sticks, and a gi. Will that all fit inside, and exactly how many bos can the expandable interior fit?  
by: Phantom287   
11/16/2010 2:26:13 PM
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what are the dimensions of this bag?
as far as I can tell it doesn't say so in the description.   
by: Niko   
10/14/2010 3:09:10 PM
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Let's get specific!

a pair of 15" sai, 6' tapered Bo, 2 rebreakable boards, pair of 26" rattan Kali (escrimas) sticks, pair of 'chucks, Pair of 14" Kamas, 6' Rattan Bo, Pair of Metal Fans, Boken, Sparring gear (head w/ face guard, foot, hand, chest guard) and a few other, smaller odds and ends.....will it all fit???  
by: jnjbmj   
8/17/2010 1:47:08 AM
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Hmm, it might take a little effort to get the headgear with faceguard and chest guard in (are they flexible?).

Other than that you should be fine.
by: okiken108    
8/17/2010 1:25:07 PM
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What is the demensions of the bag and does it carry a full 6' wooden bo?   
by: nscott1702   
4/21/2010 11:08:43 AM
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Yes this bag should be able to accomodate your bo via the expandable interior.
by: okiken108    
4/21/2010 2:33:22 PM
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yes it does just like okiken108 said! i have this bag & just tried the expandable interior for the weapons & i had more space too even after i put my 6ft Bo staff in!!! ( just a few inches though) But an awesome bag!!! My instructors were impressed with the bag!!!
by: Lu  
7/22/2010 5:50:30 PM
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Great Bag!

I ordered this weapon bag & everything is amazing about it. The one reason why i did order it is that even tho its for weapons i figured that i could carry my sparring gear in it & when i do start training with weapons then i can use the bag to the full purpose of it!!! Plus a few things i do like about it is that it has the following :
~ Small Zipper Pocket with key area
~ Cell phone/ PDA pouch
~ Insulated water bottle holder
~ MP3 player holster

I think its totally worth the money!!!!

I got it Saturday 27th & it fits all my gear in it & more some!!!!  
by: Lu   
3/10/2010 4:50:17 PM
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Does the bag have wheels?

Hello, does this bag have wheels? With all my weapons (sai, kama, tonfa, nunchuck, etc) it will get very heavy and having the ability to wheel it around would be nice. I have a Mooto bag that has wheels but I also have to carry my bo staff bag separately then.  
by: ahnTKDColumbus   
2/27/2010 11:48:17 AM
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No this bag doesn't have wheels.
by: okiken108    
2/28/2010 2:34:06 PM
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Carrying more than just weapons

Would that also have enough room in there to carry sparring gear(Its just the basics of sparring gear which is head , feet, knee, shin, & hand gear)?
But i thought if i buy this bag (even though i don't have any weapons yet) that when i do start training with weapons i wouldn't have to buy another bag.Do u think this bag is an good investment?

by: Lu   
2/25/2010 1:58:12 PM
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Hey Lu - You could definitely fit sparring gear in here with weapons. The big question will be how many weapons you'll intend to carry around. If it gets to be more than a few you'll start running into space issues, especially with larger sparring gear pieces like headgear.
by: okiken108    
2/25/2010 7:15:05 PM
Was this helpful? (1) (0)
Hi Kiken108,

Its just the basics of sparring gear which is head , feet, knee, shin, & hand gear. Do u think it would still work? I havn't yet start training with weapons yet but i was trying to kill two birds with one stone. Do u think its still a good idea to go ahead & buy it?
by: Lu  
2/25/2010 7:46:25 PM
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Hey lu - yes I believe this will fit your needs. if you eventually get enough gear to warrant an olympic sized bag you can still keep this one around for short trips.
by: okiken108    
4/21/2010 2:32:22 PM
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This product is not currently available for purchase.
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