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Martial Arts Uniforms > Karate Belts > Master Black Belt

Master Black Belt by Macho

Master Black Belt

See larger image

$7.95 each

Sizing Chart
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For the experienced practitioner
4 Star Rating (8 customer reviews)

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Product Description
    • 2" wide
    • 10 rows of stitching
    • Closed sewn ends
    • Belt size should mirror gi size
    • Includes small Macho patch sewn on

    Achieving black belt is a notable occasion; celebrate it with this high quality belt.

    The Master Belt features an enhanced 2" width with highly durable cotton construction. Ten lines of stitching ensure longevity while each end is sewn secure. This belt is left plain black so as to provide ample room for your own personal embroidery. More flexible than some other black belt options.

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Belt Length

How long should a belt hang (both ends) be after tying the correct knot?  
by: Merlin   
9/9/2016 7:51:07 PM
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Hi Merlin. For belts that have kanji or writing on them, you want to make sure the writing is clear of the knot. If wearing a plain belt, it should hang about mid-thigh. Some variation is acceptable however, as people are different weights and heights.
by: okiken108    
9/12/2016 12:09:50 PM
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Good Quality

I recommend this item to others. Good Quality with this low price.   
by: Hyun   
9/19/2015 2:39:06 AM
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What is the difference between the 1.75" wide and 2" wide belt? I have to replace a belt but I can only find a 1.75" wide belt with seven rows of stitching or a 2" wide belt with ten rows of stitching. I need a 1.75" wide belt with ten rows of stitching. Thanks for any help.  
by: Amy   
9/5/2015 6:06:05 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
Sorry Amy but we do not have 1.75" wide with ten rows of stitching.
by: okiken108    
9/8/2015 10:31:00 AM
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Length of belts please   
by: woody   
7/15/2013 9:36:33 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
by: okiken108    
7/19/2013 11:48:09 AM
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Do you do names on belts  
by: stephen vanpelt   
6/11/2013 7:51:23 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
Sorry Stephen we do not at this time.
by: okiken108    
6/12/2013 5:14:41 PM
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Didn't buy it, Im just saying...

Its better to have earned a black belt, then just buying one on the internet....  
by: Will 86700   
3/25/2013 12:08:08 AM
Was this helpful? (1) (1)
Even instructors have to buy black belts somewhere Dempsey, no one knits them on their own!
by: okiken108    
3/27/2013 12:38:29 PM
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This is pretty good belt for hard training, you can't beat the price very good material.  
by: rickenpo   
11/25/2012 1:59:01 PM
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Nice Belt

Very nice belt!! Perfect for any martial artist.  
by: nemisis45   
10/24/2012 8:28:57 AM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)

The belt is awesome. It's width is great, but the lengths are a bit shorter than you would think. Recommendation is to order one size larger than you think you need. And before wearing it, wash it 4-5 times or it's way too stiff to tie properly.   
by: Rick   
8/3/2012 9:22:27 AM
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Suffering through the stiffness of a new black belt is part of the character of earning it. Washing a black belt cheats you of the opportunity to make it more pliable by hard work, not a washing machine.

Patience Grasshopper, though hard to tie at first, with a few months of hard work, the belt becomes part of you...
by: troyison  
2/4/2014 4:05:58 PM
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Black Belt

I like the width and ease of tying, not too stiff.  
by: jleclair37   
5/18/2012 10:02:22 AM
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3rd Degree Belts

I am looking to get my brother a custom made 3rd degree black belt..How do I go about doing it..Do i just buy the black belt and then have the gold strips put on? Also I would like to put the style he takes and his name put on the belt in Okinawan Kanji..So how do I go about doing this?   
by: Shadow   
2/5/2012 11:34:37 PM
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We do not offer a personalization service at this time. After you purchase the belt, you'll have to shop around at specific embroidery services - https://www.google.com/search?q=karate belt embroidery
by: okiken108    
2/6/2012 1:15:40 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
Not to steal a sale from KD, but BlackBeltShop.com offers this on some of their belts. Kind of expensive though.
by: troyison  
2/4/2014 4:11:20 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)

Do you guys sell sashes? I was looking for one on the site, but I could not find one.
by: zhorik   
12/31/2011 12:04:09 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
Normally we do, but we are out of stock at the moment. Apologies for the inconvenience!
by: okiken108    
1/3/2012 12:18:03 PM
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Nice looking belt

This belt is sturdy and durable for training when you don't want to wear the ceremonial belts you get for achieving rank.  
by: celiaspivack   
12/19/2011 6:34:18 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)

If I order the wrong belt size can I exchange it for another size?  
by: sld123   
9/28/2011 9:14:03 AM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
Yes you can. The only thing you would be responsible for is the 2-3 dollar fee the shipping company charges you to send it back.
by: okiken108    
9/28/2011 4:12:07 PM
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I didnt buy the product, I dont need it. I've been doing karate for five years and just earned my black belt. I am just saying, a person with a black thing around their waste, and a black belt person are 2 completely different things. If it were me, I wouldn't buy it. I would earn it.  
by: JP825   
12/30/2013 2:16:00 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (1)
All instructors have to buy black belts for their students somewhere. People could certainly buy one for themselves and fake being a black belt, but real instructors need supplies too. That's why we offer it.
by: okiken108    
1/2/2014 3:24:40 PM
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Sizing Info

Macho Belt Sizing Chart

Sizing a martial arts belt correctly is easy. Take your waist size, multiply by 3 and match to the chart below.

Size Belt Length in inches Belt Length in CM
#0 75" 187
#1 84" 221
#2 90" 226
#3 99" 247
#4 105" 263
#5 114" 285
#6 122" 306
#7 131" 328
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Size: 2
Ships Immediately - 50+ On Hand 
Size: 3
Ships Immediately - 50+ On Hand 
Size: 4
Ships Immediately - 50+ On Hand 
Size: 5
Ships Immediately - 50+ On Hand 
Size: 6
Ships Immediately - 50+ On Hand 
Size: 7
Ships Immediately - 50+ On Hand 
Size: 8
Ships Immediately - 50+ On Hand 
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How to Size and Tie a Martial Arts Belt
Size and tie your martial arts belts.
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