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Uniforms > Heavyweight Karate > 12oz. White Extra Heavyweight Karate Uniform

12oz. White Extra Heavyweight Karate Uniform by ProForce ®

12oz. White Extra Heavyweight Karate Uniform

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Sizing Chart

This item is not currently available for purchase.

5 Star Rating (2 customer reviews)

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Product Description
    • 100% Cotton Canvas
    • Traditional drawstring waistband
    • Set includes jacket and pants belt sold separately
    • 12oz.
    • The ProForce preferred workout uniform

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    size of uniform

    i am 5'4 and 135 pounds

    Should i buy a size 3 or 4   
    by: anonymous   
    12/16/2012 12:44:55 PM
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    I believe a size 3 would be your best bet.
    by: okiken108    
    12/17/2012 1:20:57 PM
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    I am 5' 7" and 257 lbs...what size of gi should I get?  
    by: bellecrotte13   
    6/16/2011 2:42:38 PM
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    I'd go with the size 6. You'll have to cuff up the sleeves and wrists, but that's ok. It's fairly typical to see that.
    by: okiken108    
    6/17/2011 11:31:37 AM
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    Gi quality question

    I'm looking for a heavy gi, i don't mind it being too stiff and needing to be broken in. I need it to look good for kata, i'd use it mainly for tournaments. Any recommendations on what kind of gi to get? Also: i'm 5'9" and 140 pounds, i'm guessing around a size 4 or 5 to fit well after a few washes?  
    by: Jake Keller   
    5/15/2011 2:45:04 PM
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    Hey Jake. In regards to size, yes you are right between a 4 and 5. If you go with 5 you'll probably need to cuff the sleeves and pants, with 4 you wouldn't have to. So whichever method you prefer.

    This proforce is a fine quality and would look sharp for tournaments. The 14oz would also be a fine choice - un-hv-25.
    by: okiken108    
    5/16/2011 11:48:33 AM
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    Size Question

    My son is 11, and is very tall and thin. 5'6" and 115 pounds. I would like to get him a heavier weight uniform, and have been unhappy with the amount of shrinkage of the pants I recently got for him. I am having trouble determining size for him. What do you recomend, that wont end up being too short after a couple of washings. Thank you  
    by: khillyer   
    12/15/2010 7:47:04 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    If your happy with the gi top you might be able to just get him some replacement pants, around size 4 - un-hv-03.

    Size 3 is the most exacting fit, but if you want to make sure you don't lose too much length, a 4 might be appropriate.
    by: okiken108    
    12/16/2010 11:53:07 AM
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    size question

    I don't know my size. If I am 5'6" tall and 165lbs. What size is good to me. I need the white extra heavyweight karate uniform with pan and orange belt. Please also tell me your price with shipping as well.

    Thank you so much

    by: Francis   
    7/22/2010 1:05:51 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Hi Francis. A size #3 should suit you well. Rank belts can be purchased here: un-be-10. We have orange available (although I don't know what pan and orange is).

    Shipping cost is figured out as you go through the checkout process.
    by: okiken108    
    7/23/2010 3:29:46 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Great training Gi

    I've been looking for a good gi to use when I practice for a long time now, and this one definitely filled that requirement. It's a nice heavy weight gi for a very good price. The pant legs were a little long but nothing a quick cut or hem can't fix. This is a great buy for anyone who's just getting into martial arts or for those who have been training for a long time.  
    by: mosquiton99   
    10/22/2005 1:05:30 PM
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    Amazingly fast delivery

    Amazingly fast delivery (overnight for 2.95!), friendly interface - I will gladly recommend this site to my friends.  
    by: serges   
    4/30/2005 1:16:53 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Thanks for your input and your business serges! We really appreciate it.
    by: okiken108    
    1/28/2010 2:25:14 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Sizing Info
    Measuring your height will provide a more accurate fit than using weight alone. Please be sure to double check the sizing chart when ordering.
    Size Height Weight
    #0000 3' 30lbs. (Chd. size 4-6)
    #000 4' 40lbs. (Chd. size 8-10)
    #00 4'4" 60lbs. (Chd. size 10-12)
    #0 4'6" 85lbs. (Chd. size 12-14)
    #1 4'9" 100lbs.
    #2 5'2" 125lbs.
    #3 5'6" 150lbs.
    #4 5'11" 185lbs.
    #5 6'1" 210lbs.
    #6 6'4" 250lbs.
    #7 6'8" 280lbs.
    #8 7' 325lbs.
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    This product is not currently available for purchase.
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    What weight and color martial arts uniform should I get?
    Learn about the colors and weights of uniforms and what you need
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