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Uniforms > Middleweight Karate > Black Middleweight Karate Jacket

Black Middleweight Karate Jacket by KD Elite

Black Middleweight Karate Jacket

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$29.99 ea.

Sizing Chart
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A great value!
4 Star Rating (9 customer reviews)

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Product Description
  • 8.5 oz crossover style jacket with inner tiesTop quality 52% cotton, 48% polyester blend material makes this uniform comfortable and easy to care for
  • Double line, reinforced stitching on the collars and cuffs
  • Inset panels on jacket for greater durability
  • Double-layered fabric at shoulders
  • Bound side vents with tie cords
Martial arts training can be tough, and uniforms often take the brunt of the abuse. It's not uncommon to find yourself in a position where you need to replace a gi jacket. Keeping that in mind, KD Elite has decided to offer their quality black karate jacket as a separate item. No need to purchase a whole extra uniform and waste money that could be spent elsewhere.

This middleweight karate jacket is an ideal replacement or addition to your uniform collection. It is constructed with 8.5 ounce material consisting of 52% cotton and 48% polyster, perfect for durability and rewashing (cold water recommended).

Kd Elite has taken special care to reinforce this gi's most heavily used sections. The collars and cuffs are double line, reinforced stitch. This allows for extra pop during techniques (something any tournament practitioner will realize is valuable). The jacket is also reinforced with insert panels and double layer fabric at key areas like the shoulders. During grappling, the shoulders and lapel are handled particularly rough, and attention to details like stitching is of critical importance.

If you find yourself in a situation where you simply aren't satisfied with your current gi, or you need a replacement, rely on KD Elite to provide you with top of the line quality.

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This IS one well-built gi! Maybe a little heavier than I was expecting, and a little stiff until it's washed a few times, but it's obviously built to last. I'm Glad to have a gi that FITS properly.

In short, I would recommend this top in an instant if you're okay with the 50/50 cotton/poly blend (which does feel very different from 100% cotton).

I like these so much I have currently have two -- with pants to match!  
by: paulhelling   
4/2/2009 3:55:53 PM
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This gi is made using very low quality dyes . Dyed me black after I put it on first time . Dyed me black after I washed it . It stained my white t-shirt black again. It looks somewhat durable , used it only once so far , so can't tell how well it would perform under stress . It's also made in Pakistan....   
by: anzorgurashvili123   
5/24/2014 12:06:38 AM
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Is there a size 4?

I've been waiting a couple months now and I haven't seen any size 4's pop up. Are they available in this brand/weight and if so are you expecting to have that size in stock eventually?  
by: Reptilia   
4/14/2012 9:24:53 PM
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Sorry for the delay - this brand is a bit tougher for us to stock these days. I would recommend browsing around the macho selection - http://www.karatedepot.com/Karate-Uniforms~175~cat13~Brand~Macho~1.html.
by: okiken108    
4/16/2012 1:26:04 PM
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Proper Sizing


I'm just getting back into martial arts and I'm not sure which size jacket to get. I'm 5'8" and around 230 pounds. I have a broad chest and wide shoulders. I'm about 50" across the chest with a medium size belly (that's why I'm back...trying to loose the weight). According to the chart, I should order a size 5. However, it doesn't match my weight. Will a size 6 do?? Or even a size 7?? I like a lot of room and I'm also worried about shrinkage.

I would appreciate any help and thank you in advance...M.  
by: M.   
1/26/2012 9:46:15 PM
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Hey M. I think going with the size 6 would be your best bet. A size would be tough height-wise, and you can avoid shrinking issues by doing cold-wash and hang-dry.

For the 6, just cuff the pants and sleeves once or twice and you should be good to go.
by: okiken108    
1/30/2012 11:49:32 AM
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Excellent gi Excellent price

This is an excellent gi. I bought it for my brother who I train with and he is 5'10' about 165 lbs. It fit him perfectly. There was plenty of room in the chest and the sleeves went an inch past his wrist. The material is nice and thick and makes a nice snap when punching. Karate Depot uniforms are my favorite due to their accurate sizing and quality, I just wish they had more of them.  
by: ron.l.cooke   
1/12/2012 12:48:11 PM
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Back gi

Pleased with the study construction of the item. Looks very professional. I am sure it will last thru many of my blackbelt advances.  
by: Renga Otoko   
8/13/2011 9:30:06 PM
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Chest Size

What are the equivalent chest measurements that go with size 7, 8, 9, and 10? I have about a 52-inch (127 cm) chest to go with a 50-inch stomache. A size 7 in a taekwondo tunic is too snug at the chest. How much more room will a size 8 or 9 wraparound karate gi give me?  
by: Max   
7/9/2011 3:11:01 AM
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I'm not aware of those specific measurements Max, but I do know that TKD and karate gi run similarly. That being the case, you'll get some extra space with the 8 or 9.
by: okiken108    
7/11/2011 12:49:31 PM
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better than expected

product as described
very good fit(my biggest worry with a cheaper uniform.)
i use it for hapkido(we also train judo and jujitsu techniques) so it sees more grapling than a karate students uniform would and handles it like a champ.
arrived sooner than expected.  
by: freeradical25   
2/22/2011 4:20:45 PM
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Good Gi

I bought this top and matching pants 4 months ago when I started in a new karate class. Well, I'm an odd ball size so I got the one to match my weight and then just altered the length of the sleeves. I have had no trouble with shrinking and I wash in cold water and hang dry. It has been through a lot of classes and workouts now and I am very pleased. It seems like it may have faded a little but very little. It still looks good and it has a good weight and feel. For the price you can't go wrong. I would definitly advise others to try this gi. When I get ready to order again, I will order this gi and matching pants.   
by: AHamm   
1/12/2011 7:35:51 PM
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gi sizes

how do you determine the size you wear in your karate uniforms?
by: califf   
11/26/2010 12:20:08 PM
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Hey Califf. There are some useful sizing charts on the bottom of this page.
by: okiken108    
11/29/2010 3:14:57 PM
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Unlike the pants which shrunk on me quite a bit, my build did not effect the wear of the top after washing and drying. So unlike the pants, my experience showed that the if you're at the upper limit of a size, you should be fine.

To repeat what I types for the pants : An issue about the fabric; Its tough and thick. Since I'm new, I'm also ignorant and didn't realize how hot this top and the corresponding pants would be in the hot gym my class is held. Plan for extra hydration breaks with these on in hot, humid climates or have your master sit you down when you start looking pale.  
by: revman   
8/9/2010 8:12:37 AM
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what size?

Hello,I want to take advantage of the sale on Karate Pants by KD Elite White Top quality 8.5 oz karate pants 55% cotton and 45% polyester Crotch gusset with triangular inseam inserts Elastic drawstring waist Color: White .I see that there are no size 5. The last pair of pants I purchased at my Dojo was a size 5 Century brand. What size would you recommend? I'm 5'8" tall inseam is 30" and my waist is 36" and I weigh 222-225lbs. Would you recommend a size 4 ?I have the same question on jackets. I would like to order Black Middleweight Karate Jacket by KD Elit. Again at the Dojo they sold me a size 6 Century 100% brushed cotton what would you recommend a size 5? Just so you know I'm a bit broad through the shoulders. Do they shrink much?  
by: bjewell   
5/7/2010 6:34:16 PM
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This particular jacket will shrink a little bit, but not as much as a 100% cotton variety. In regards to the sizing - if you feel that your old uniforms fit well you should try to get the same sizes if possible. If you had some room to spare in the #5 gi top then you might be able to go with the #4, but you do run the risk of it not being wide enough around.
by: okiken108    
5/10/2010 4:39:19 PM
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Write your question here.  
by: TheAngryPersian   
4/12/2010 9:01:10 PM
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Theatre in the Rough

I was thrilled with the gear, with the service, with the website. I bought 20 of these gi for a production of Julius Caesar up here in Juneau, Alaska and we all love them.
The wash cold, drip dry is kind of a pain but they do come out the other end looking good.
by: cspdesign   
3/11/2010 12:36:47 PM
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Always had century or sun uniforms, brought this top in size 10 ,fit perfectly plus much heavyer duty then any other uniform ive ever had, KD uniforms will be my uniform of choice from now on  
by: sidecarr   
2/21/2009 10:38:20 AM
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Sizing Info
Measuring your height will provide a more accurate fit than using weight alone. Please be sure to double check the sizing chart when ordering.

For your convenience, we have also listed the average uniform sizes by age for both boys and girls.

Size Height Weight Waist
#000 3' 5"-3' 8" Under 35 lbs. 18"-27"
#00 3' 9"-4' Under 50 lbs. 20"-29"
#0 4' 1"-4' 4" Under 70 lbs. 22"-32"
#1 4' 5"-4' 8" Under 90 lbs. 25"-36"
#2 4' 9"-5' Under 125 lbs. 28"-39"
#3 5' 1"-5' 4" Under 160 lbs. 30"-42"
#4 5' 5"-5' 8" Under 190 lbs. 31"-45"
#5 5' 9"-6' Under 220 lbs. 33"-48"
#6 6' 1"-6' 3" Under 270 lbs. 35"-50"
#7 6' 3"-6' 5" Under 300 lbs. 38"-52"
#8 6' 5"-6' 8" Under 320 lbs. 40"-52"
#9 6'8" + Under 370 lbs. 42"-54"

For Boys

Ages Size
4 1/2 - 6 #000
6 - 7 #00
7-9 #0
9-11 #1
11-13 #2

For Girls

Ages Size
4 - 6 #000
6 - 7 #00
7 1/2 -9 #0
9 1/2 - 11 #1
11-12 #2
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Size: 000
Ships Immediately - 9 On Hand 
Size: 0
Ships Immediately - 1 On Hand 
Size: 1
Ships Immediately - 8 On Hand 
Size: 2
Ships Immediately - 4 On Hand 
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KD Elite means Value. Get more than you expect with KD Elite martial arts equipment. Our student uniforms are just a bit heavier, our judo gis are stitched perfectly, and our shields take more punishment. Products that last - KD Elite.
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