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Uniforms > Middleweight Karate Pants > Karate Pants

Karate Pants by KD Elite

Karate Pants

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$19.95 - $24.99 each

Sizing Chart
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Great replacement pants for your gi
4.5 Star Rating (11 customer reviews)

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Product Description
  • Top quality 8.5 oz karate pants
  • 55% cotton and 45% polyester
  • Crotch gusset with triangular inseam inserts
  • Elastic drawstring waist
  • Color: White
KD Elite Karate Pants are a great replacement or addition to your uniform collection.

Martial arts training can be tough, and uniforms often take the brunt of the abuse. It's not uncommon to find yourself in a position where you need to replace a pair of gi pants. Keeping that in mind, KD Elite has decided to offer their top quality white karate pants as a separate item. No need to purchase a whole extra uniform and waste money that could be spent elsewhere.

These KD Elite pants are made from 8.5 ounce material - that's light enough to be comfortable, but heavy enough to provide substance. If you purchase pants that are too light, they are liable to rip again and you'll be back to the drawing board. If you buy a pair that's too heavy, you run the risk of stiffness and excess weight. The 8.5 is designed to keep you mobile and training.

The crotch design is gusseted with triangular inseam inserts that allow for maximum flexibility. Students of arts such as Tae Kwon Do must be able to kick as high as possible, and restrictive uniforms are a nuisance. KD Elite provides for any given style - karate, kung fu, or otherwise.

If you need a replacement pair of pants, or are just looking for a comfortable pair with great usability, this is the selection for you.

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Are you ever going to carry these in sizes on than 0? I've been checking back every few months and still nothing.  
by: T.   
4/15/2016 6:18:08 PM
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Hi T. This is a discontinued item, so we are basically running out the stock that we have left. You won't see a size 0 unless we decide to take this item "out of retirement".

These are a little lighter, but a good approximate replacement: un-st-12.
by: okiken108    
4/22/2016 11:53:17 AM
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Bought them for my Son for Christmas and he loves them. Great quality .   
by: yamama850   
1/9/2014 8:14:59 PM
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The pants are great for what they do, they came within 3 days. The only reason I did not put 5 stars is because the pants are a bit baggy, but other than that they are great!  
by: John   
12/8/2013 7:53:38 PM
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got these for my son and they are ok so far we has worn them 5 times  
by: steven57   
9/29/2013 11:15:44 AM
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Good Deal

They were a little baggier than I expected, but in a good way. They're very comfortable and seem to be quite durable too.  
by: jdavidrambo@gmail.com   
5/5/2013 9:04:22 AM
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What size?

I am a female, 5'4" and 225 lbs. Began karate class but having a tough time finding right size pants. I have a size 6 pant in another brand that is WAY too small (waist, butt and legs). I know I will have to hem whatever I get, but what size of the midweight pant should I order?  
by: New2karate   
1/9/2013 2:35:14 PM
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Normally I would recommend a size 6, however if your previous brand was unsatisfactory you might just want to bump up to a 7 and hem the pant legs.
by: okiken108    
1/11/2013 2:00:31 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)

The pants and top came with yellow staining along all the seams. It's fading with bleaching & washing, however. I found these to be a little larger than my other gi pants, which are also both size 5. Perhaps they just shrunk more on first washing.   
by: rob.palin   
11/22/2012 12:29:08 PM
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Good Deal

I bought these pants after wearing out my back up pair. I train four nights a week, and so far these are holding up well. They are pretty comfortable, I like the lightweight pants because they breathe better and don't stick to your skin like the heavyweights do.

The thread on the entire pair of pants is light yellow. I'm not sure why that is, they are white karate pants. You can't tell unless you look at them from a foot away, but it's still not good. It's not like it happened in the wash- It's only the thread, no part of the fabric is yellow. The other thing is they run small- So make sure to get one size smaller than you wear in Century.
Other than that, I like them a lot. I will probably buy another pair or two when I need replacements- If the thread was not yellow, I would definitively buy more pairs.   
by: Silverfin   
10/27/2012 4:20:06 PM
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Very comfortable

Nice fit. Very comfortable.  
by: dpiercemd   
8/30/2012 10:30:41 AM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)

I need to replace a pair of pants. I am a size 38 waist, 5'8" tall, 220 lbs  
by: Ed   
5/24/2012 11:35:57 AM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
Hey Ed. I think a size 5 would be the way to go.
by: okiken108    
5/25/2012 12:52:07 PM
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Great Pants better weight than standard

I ordered 2 sets of these pants one for class and one for Forms Competition. I am really impressed with the quality. These are great middle weight pants for any use. My instructor didn't like the KD patch on the pants on the hip but all I had to do was cut it off with a pair of scissors with no damage to the pants. I am a bigger guy with bigger legs the only problem with these pants for me is the Crotch gets a little tight when kicking I would like to see the gusset a little bigger.  
by: tylerwc   
4/5/2012 10:39:59 AM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
Sizing vs. Century size 6

I have a Century size 6 gi that is a bit uncomfortable. I'm 5'9, 240 lbs. Should I get a size 7 or 8 in this brand?  
by: daljay   
2/19/2012 8:12:42 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
Yea that would work daljay. You can cuff the pant legs if they get a bit long on you.
by: okiken108    
2/20/2012 1:00:18 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)

I wish now I would have just ordered the whole uniform since the pants are so great. Plus they are cheaper than the one's the school offers and I would not have to advertize for the school. The pants are great the waist is finished off nicely and they offer larger sizes for those of us who need them. Of course I have to take off about eight inches in length but it's worth it to have the bigger size for the mobility.  
by: kaelusw   
2/15/2010 5:46:57 PM
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This is a great product, great price, fast shipping.  
by: navife   
10/1/2007 5:33:18 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)

Good Value

Good quality pants, tolerate washing machine well without shrinking. Good value.  
by: anonymous
7/4/2004 5:47:21 PM
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Sizing Info
Measuring your height will provide a more accurate fit than using weight alone. Please be sure to double check the sizing chart when ordering.

For your convenience, we have also listed the average uniform sizes by age for both boys and girls.

Size Height Weight Waist
#000 3' 5"-3' 8" Under 35 lbs. 18"-27"
#00 3' 9"-4' Under 50 lbs. 20"-29"
#0 4' 1"-4' 4" Under 70 lbs. 22"-32"
#1 4' 5"-4' 8" Under 90 lbs. 25"-36"
#2 4' 9"-5' Under 125 lbs. 28"-39"
#3 5' 1"-5' 4" Under 160 lbs. 30"-42"
#4 5' 5"-5' 8" Under 190 lbs. 31"-45"
#5 5' 9"-6' Under 220 lbs. 33"-48"
#6 6' 1"-6' 3" Under 270 lbs. 35"-50"
#7 6' 3"-6' 5" Under 300 lbs. 38"-52"
#8 6' 5"-6' 8" Under 320 lbs. 40"-52"
#9 6'8" + Under 370 lbs. 42"-54"

For Boys

Ages Size
4 1/2 - 6 #000
6 - 7 #00
7-9 #0
9-11 #1
11-13 #2

For Girls

Ages Size
4 - 6 #000
6 - 7 #00
7 1/2 -9 #0
9 1/2 - 11 #1
11-12 #2
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Size: 0000
Ships Immediately - 50+ On Hand 
Size: 000
Ships Immediately - 50+ On Hand 
Size: 00
Ships Immediately - 1 On Hand 
Size: 0
Ships Immediately - 22 On Hand 
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KD Elite means Value. Get more than you expect with KD Elite martial arts equipment. Our student uniforms are just a bit heavier, our judo gis are stitched perfectly, and our shields take more punishment. Products that last - KD Elite.
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