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Weapons > Ninja > Ninja Shuko Hand Claws (pair)

Ninja Shuko Hand Claws (pair) by House Brand

Ninja Shuko Hand Claws (pair)

See larger image

$14.95 pair

Want it by Wednesday, August 23? Order by 1 PM EST on Monday, August 21 and choose 2nd Day Air.


Climb trees or scale walls easier and faster with these hand claws!
4 Star Rating (12 customer reviews)

This item cannot be shipped outside the United States or to NY, CA, MA.
You are responsible for checking your state and local laws and regulations concerning the purchase of this item.

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Product Description
      Black finished steel spikes w/ adjustable nylon wristband.Please Note: All of our weapons are intended for light practice and form training only. They are not made for live combat or repeated impact against hard surfaces.

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    I bought these and they immediately were a disappointment. They're heavy and completely impractical and uncomfortable to wear. The thick metal just digs into the backs of your hands once you grip something, and the straps that came with them wouldn't keep them attached so I had to make my own. However, despite my best efforts to destroy them out of anger, they are still around since they're hyper durable.  
    by: camstop   
    5/8/2014 2:16:15 PM
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    Will this be on the New Year Online Catalouge?

    I really want to get this weapon, but I won't be able to get an online order until the end of January. Could I still buy this item at the end of January, or is this just a limited weapon for special events and holidays?  
    by: Will 86700   
    12/26/2013 6:14:48 PM
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    Dempsey - this is not a time sensitive item. It should be here for whenever you are ready to order.
    by: okiken108    
    12/27/2013 5:28:56 PM
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    The Maximum Weight Limit

    What is the Max for the weight limit it can hold?  
    by: Will 86700   
    11/11/2013 12:43:05 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    We've never tested that Dempsey, although the metal is quite durable.
    by: okiken108    
    11/11/2013 1:18:20 PM
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    Martial Art Weapon?

    I train with different weapons, and I would like to add these to my collection of weapons, I would like to know if these are good to train with and if by any chance these are good with to bring to a weapon tournament.  
    by: Will 86700   
    11/11/2013 11:41:59 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    I don't see any reason why you couldn't compete with these at a tournament Dempsey. Your best bet would be to find a ninjutsu or budo taijutsu school to get some training with them.
    by: okiken108    
    11/11/2013 1:19:23 PM
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    are they leaglle good for climbing trees and how much is shipping if you live in usa  
    by: godofwar   
    7/25/2013 1:02:14 AM
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    Hi godofwar. It takes some training to use these properly, however they certainly do help for climbinb. As for shipping, add the item to your cart and go to 'checkout'. Before you have to enter payment info you can check shipping prices and time estimates.
    by: okiken108    
    7/26/2013 1:36:01 PM
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    thanks I will see If anyone In my area knows any techniques they can teach me.

    by: eli   
    12/30/2012 10:06:18 PM
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    should I buy to climb trees

    do you think i should by them for climbing trees  
    by: eli   
    12/30/2012 6:24:54 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Hi eli. You can use these to assist in tree climbing, however it is a bit of an acquired skill. You'll want to do research on climbing techniques and see if anyone in your area can help you learn.
    by: okiken108    
    12/30/2012 7:21:05 PM
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    Living in the UK...

    Will you ship to the UK?   
    by: KarlG   
    11/11/2012 6:54:08 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    I don't see any problems with shipping this item to UK. You'll see shipping options in the checkout process before you have to pay for anything.
    by: okiken108    
    11/12/2012 2:39:14 PM
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    Hi, I live in the UK and I want to purchase some Shuko but the price keeps coming up in Dollars. I've already put my full adress and everything. Can you please give me the conversion rate? (Can you please give me the price in Sterling?)   
    by: Lukas   
    8/1/2012 7:53:35 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    $14.95 in US dollars is currently 9.57 British Pound Sterling.
    by: okiken108    
    8/1/2012 10:59:16 AM
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    just asking

    i acualy have 2 questions.[1] can these scale up walls? [2] has anybody done anything eleagl or how ever u spell it.  
    by: jonnyboy   
    7/21/2012 3:08:54 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Hi Jonny.

    1. No, not really. You need something to grip into, like tree bark.

    2. Who knows? but we hope not :-).
    by: okiken108    
    7/23/2012 10:41:41 AM
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    The actual devices cannot do anything; scale walls, etc. They can be used to help a person gain purchase (grip) onto specific items for which they are designed. As far as illegality, a book can be used as a deadly weapon if someone is 'properly' motivated... it is up to the user;however, they are not specifically designed to be weapons of destruction.
    by: Dave  
    9/4/2012 8:31:27 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    are these sharp the trees I live around are pretty tough.  
    by: Nate   
    6/22/2012 1:13:45 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Hi Nate. These are pointy enough to dig into bark, but not sharpened like a knife.
    by: okiken108    
    6/22/2012 3:08:17 PM
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    how to climb with spikes

    i recently bought these spikes, but I can't climb on them. I weigh 95 lbs. is there something i'm doing wrong? do you need a technique for them?  
    by: lola   
    4/11/2012 7:07:11 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Hi Lola - yes you probably need a little training on technique. Also, I understand that having the ashiko (wp-ni-11) for your feet makes a big difference.

    To improve your learning, try some online videos - https://www.google.com/#hl=en&safe=off&sclient=psy-ab&q=climbing with shuko.
    by: okiken108    
    4/13/2012 12:00:48 PM
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    Need advise

    Hi I am 12 years old and I am 87 pounds, and I have woods in my back yard. Would these be, okay for me?  
    by: beck   
    1/24/2012 10:40:26 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    It would be a good idea to get someone to teach you how to use these before trying them out in your woods.
    by: okiken108    
    1/24/2012 11:41:33 AM
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    Legal issues

    just wondering, are these and the climbing shoes legal in California. because i know alot of ninja gear is.  
    by: chris   
    12/29/2011 2:23:48 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Although I don't believe you'll encounter any legal troubles with this item, you will want to investigate your state's most recent laws on weapon ownership.
    by: okiken108    
    1/3/2012 12:31:09 PM
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    what else is needed

    ive purchased claws for hands and feet is there anything else needed to climb?  
    by: mando   
    12/17/2011 6:06:53 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    If you've got the tabi for your feet you should be good to go. The grappling hook might be the only other consideration - wp-ni-08.
    by: okiken108    
    12/19/2011 11:19:06 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Do I need to make adjustments to make them fit good? Is it safe to buy from this company?  
    by: jayrs   
    9/6/2011 9:27:00 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    The secure straps are adjustable, so no worries there.

    This company is definitely reliable. You'll notice on the homepage that we have a green smiley face from bizrate. That's a good rating.
    by: okiken108    
    9/9/2011 1:26:50 PM
    Was this helpful? (1) (0)
    Thank you I will buy a pair now. I cant wait to use them. But one more thing, do I need the ashikos (foot spikes) to climb?
    by: jayrs  
    9/9/2011 6:10:05 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    fit great!!!!!!  
    by: Shuriken enthusiast   
    12/26/2010 10:34:29 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    I am twelve years old, 5 feet tall, 87 pounds, and I have woods in my back yard. do you think that these would be cool for me?
    by: beck  
    1/24/2012 10:31:38 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Should I buy?

    I dont know much about this product but there isnt enough informormation. I mean that I dont know who the seller is or if this product actually work. I really dont recomend this! not enough info.  
    by: orange guy   
    12/12/2010 6:41:26 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    You're right - we should build out the description more.

    In the meantime please use the other reader reviews as a guide source!
    by: okiken108    
    12/13/2010 11:44:57 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Interesting tool...

    I gave these only 3 stars due to two majoy reasons: 1.The strap that goes around my wrist will not stay clasped. I had to construct a better strap in order to get these to work. I used a clasp version that is working great now!
    2. Not enough room on the top part of the hand section when actually grasping something. I've just started trying to fix this problem...if I can get the metal to bend slightly (which is hard because it's good quality metal).
    Also, for an "upgrade" I've added a slightly padded pair of leather gloves with the fingers cut out. This added some much needle padding.

    Upon testing the strength of the "claws" I have found them to be VERY sturdy. I weight 180 and just one will hold my weight.

    Interesting side note: If one was so inclined, the claw feature could be worn on the upper side of the hand with some modifications to the mesh. Just another way to use this as a self defense tool. = )  
    by: Ryan Bell   
    10/12/2010 2:16:35 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    i just bought these and stupid me didnt even ask what the dimensions are, i have big hands and dont know if there fit , dose anyone know the dimensions??   
    by: sean   
    7/20/2010 9:12:33 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    how to make a pair of shuko for climbing

    how can i make a pair of shuko for climbing? i cant seem to afford the money to buy a pair.  
    by: Kabutofan   
    4/19/2010 11:30:57 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    unless you've got good welding skills I wouldn't recommend it. just save up! haha
    by: okiken108    
    4/21/2010 4:40:26 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Love these Shuko!
    I feel it is one the best items ever devised by the Ninja.
    Though, through some study and training, I feel these are still better off being a self defense fighting weapon, rather than climbing.
    These are designed for anyone. Hence the big piece of metal. I've noticed in some pictures that Shuko was made per person. If you could fabricate these to you own hands, they would be better for climbing.  
    by: herokodiak   
    12/5/2008 2:02:08 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    These are great for climbing trees and walls as long as the walls are a soft material or else the claws are not good, also these are good if you are defending yourself against a sword you can (if you are fast enough) catch the blade between the claws and twist and disarm your opponent.  
    by: gripman666   
    3/9/2008 4:39:14 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    haha I disarmed my friend who is a purple belt and it works really well.
    by: snake2001  
    8/21/2012 12:46:47 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    These work great

    This shuko works great, however they do limit thumb movement and I always need 2 people to get them on. I also recommend wearing gloves while using these. They dig into my hand while climbing. They are best when used WITH the Ashikos, or foot claws. This is because sometimes you will have the shukos to use as hand holds but it makes it difficult to climb without footholds. Hand and Foot Claws go together!  
    by: Okamiyama   
    6/12/2006 9:30:05 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Hand claws are sweeeeeet!

    These hand claws are sweeeeeet! I can't begin to describe how awesome these are! I just picked up 6 of these for groomsman gifts.

    Also very useful when shredding pirates and playing guitar. These rock!  
    by: jspaziante   
    1/18/2006 1:42:05 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    cool claws

    Nice claws and good quality. I gave it 4 stars for the difficulty of strapping them on, you really need two people to do that, unless there's some method I don't know about.  
    by: tkd_shawn   
    1/7/2006 12:30:07 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)


    They're fairly good, nice and strong, not quite as sharp as I'd like them to be. Also, my hands are slightly smaller than average, and the metal part that goes around my hands are absolutely huge, meaning I'll have to wrap them in tape or wear heavy, fingerless gloves or have the metal dig into my hands when there's any wait on the claws, and the metal bar is too wide and inhibits my thumb movement.  
    by: Temuchen   
    6/17/2005 4:46:02 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
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