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Swords > Kendo Weapon > Suburito

Suburito by KD Elite


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$24.95 ea.

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4.5 Star Rating (20 customer reviews)

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Product Description
    • Constructed of red oak
    • 45" long
    • Helps increase strength and speed
    • Take your skills to the next level
    • Weighs 2.6 pounds

    The Suburito is the perfect training tool for martial arts.It has been specially designed to be both large and heavy.It's size and weight will help you develop your muscles, increase your stamina and make you faster when using weapons.The Suburito is an effective and useful tool that will give you a competitive edge, it will help you take your skills to the next level.

    Please Note: All of our weapons are intended for light practice and form training only. They are not made for live combat or repeated impact against hard surfaces.

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The Suburito I received came with a slight but visible bowing in the middle. The company should have QC check for this before shipping.   
by: edwardganz   
5/27/2017 7:59:36 PM
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very nice

I like this one a lot, nice weight for practice. The grip is smooth so hold on tight, but other then that just what I wanted.  
by: trhughes85   
11/16/2013 4:09:54 PM
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Lighter than you think

This bokken is gorgeous to look at, and safely rounded. A really nice odachi bokken. As a bokken collector, I love this.

For strength training, it leaves a little to be desired. The weight is accurate, I just imagined it being heavier. It's about the same weight as a standard sized white-oak bokken. For someone my size, I'd love to have a 4-5 lb weapon.  
by: ThyDarkstone   
5/1/2013 9:20:48 PM
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So I don't really have a place to train around me(I think),but I'm just curious to know if I self train (solo) will it last me a good amount of time?  
by: Marvin   
4/14/2013 11:44:59 AM
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Hi Marvin - yes this item is quite durable. It's not specifically designed for contact though, it's more intended for arm strength development via cuts in the air. For contact I would recommend grabbing a shinai.
by: okiken108    
4/15/2013 3:28:32 PM
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Great training weapon and an awesome deal. It's, solid, heavy-weight, and a great length. Good to use as your primary weapon or as a conditioning tool for your katana, iaido, or bokken. I highly recommend this product.  
by: Kye   
7/22/2012 9:13:53 PM
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Overall nice!

I got my Subrito and I'm pretty happy with it, I love the weight of it. You can be surprised by how much 2 lbs can do! only thing I don't like about it is that it did not come from Japan.  
by: Daniel   
3/2/2012 4:49:07 PM
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Good product, wrong weight

The Suburito is great with the exception of the weight. When I purchased it was listed as weighing 4lbs. It is 2.6lbs. Even so I am happy with it.  
by: NinjaJad   
2/8/2012 7:44:23 PM
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Good product, wrong weight

The Suburito is great with the exception of the weight. When I purchased it was listed as weighing 4lbs. It is 2.6lbs. Even so I am happy with it.  
by: NinjaJad   
2/8/2012 7:43:48 PM
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the weight of this item is printed wrong, it is actually 2.6 pounds...  
by: suburi   
1/7/2012 9:19:07 PM
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weight of this suburito

Can you please verify the weight of this suburito? the product description says 4 pounds. I bought one from another company and it was only 2 pounds and I'm looking for something heavier. Thnx.  
by: Jack   
10/27/2011 10:34:58 PM
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The advertised weight for this bokken is wrong. The bokken that was mailed to me was actually only 2.6 pounds.
by: suburi  
1/7/2012 9:01:20 PM
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Not a work of art, but very functional

I must say that when I first unwrapped my suburito, I was a bit upset at the cheap construction. Cracks in the wood and a prominent knothole were filled in with a light colored wood putty that did not even match the finish. But hey, I wasn't willing to pay tons of money for a work of art. I wanted something to exercise key muscle groups that I felt were underworked in my regular training, and for that purpose, it has been excellent. Highly recommended. I also give Karate Depot good reviews for their quick service.   
by: Tom Yee   
7/22/2011 1:56:17 PM
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Hey, Whats the differencee between these and your average bokken?  
by: Soo-bahk-do-FTW   
6/28/2011 8:06:14 AM
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A suburito is noticeably thicker, wider, and heavier. It is used as a strength conditioning device.
by: okiken108    
6/29/2011 1:07:15 PM
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Heftiest Suburito

I am active in kendo and swinging practice is one of the few exercises I can do at home without a partner. The heavy weight of this suburito is ideal for developing speed and forearm strength during suburi practice.   
by: kendoka   
12/11/2010 7:31:55 PM
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Good quality, good heavy weight. These are great for building strength and stamina. I'm giving these guys (Karate Depot) 5 stars for their outstanding service. This was apparantly lost in transit, I contacted Karate Depot by email and a new shipment was sent within a couple of days, no questions, no argument, no attitude. Wish everybody had this kind of customer service.  
by: anoutlander   
3/4/2010 9:39:12 AM
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I enjoy mine. However, I don't use my suburito for sparring. I use mine for warming up and for working on Kata that involve continuous swinging (makuri style). I get a much better workout than I would with even the heaviest bokken. Great tool.   
by: curt.herrera   
2/13/2010 5:14:23 PM
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This is an excellent training tool for those interested in working with a nice heavy, well made weapon. I highly recommend it!  
by: coolmil2003   
11/30/2009 1:45:34 PM
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I've just got this today and I'm already falling in love with it. I plan to use this during practice from now on.  
by: kyuubi06   
9/25/2009 11:27:27 PM
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don't forget that this was used by quite possibly the most famous warrior of all time Niten Doraku also known by Miyamoto Musashi to win the most famous duel in Japan. It IS used to train but when used a weapon for counters and angles it can be extremely effective. Its weight and shape are made for breaking down defenses and breaking bones not for classic attacks or parries.  
by: phixious   
4/18/2009 9:13:37 PM
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Musashi's famous boat oar bokken. Not many people could withstand a blow to the head with that and live......Such was his level of skill and his distain for "classical" martial art.
by: jmfried  
8/8/2010 5:07:47 PM
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This product is very durable. I came down with a vertical strike against my friend. He was using a bamboo bokken. This thing snapped his fair quality bokken in half and fractured my friends wrist. If u get it be careful  
by: cut_your_   
2/11/2007 4:21:13 PM
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Very good

Excellent product, basically a bigger bokken designed to strengthen and condition the user. Very durable. Only reason it got a 4 was because it came all chipped in the box... a big piece of the tip was missing. But otherwise a very good product.  
by: Bushido187   
8/25/2006 9:09:40 PM
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Well balanced, good weight. An excellent practice weapon. My only complaint is the tip is not pointed as are most Suburito's available from other sources, but this does not detract from the usefulness of the weapon for training purposes.  
by: jlterry3   
11/29/2005 6:53:24 PM
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worth the money

This is a larger version of a bokken, its a lot heavier which is good for individual practice, and its awesome practicing with it then a normal bokken, you feel like you've had a good workout after using this, a good buy.  
by: rampage42   
6/1/2005 7:21:21 PM
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Great Trainer

Basically, a larger version of a bokken, the suburito I have ordered is purposefully made to be overly large and cumbersome to increase one's strength and precision through aversion. Personally, I find this a very nice product, much stronger and more effective in training than a normal bokken. It is a bokken for more advanced students.  
by: dojodestroyer   
6/8/2004 12:19:45 PM
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