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Weapons > Tonfa > Tonfa

Tonfa by KD Elite


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$19.95 pair

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A strong and sturdy Tonfa!
4 Star Rating (19 customer reviews)

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Product Description
    • Light and strong made of durable red oak
    • Tapered at both ends for superior maneuverability
    • Sanded to a smooth finish for easy spinning
    • Available in 18-24 inch lengths

    Made from Red Oak, this Tonfa is both lightweight and durable. It has a professional design that is tapered on both ends and sanded to a smooth finish. It offers easy maneuverability and quick spinning,

    Please Note: All of our weapons are intended for light practice and form training only. They are not made for live combat or repeated impact against hard surfaces.

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How to Size and Select Tonfa

User's guide to sizing and selecting tonfa.  
by: okiken108      
5/6/2013 9:31:45 PM
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These Tonfa are very good for practice. They are very light and easy to spin in my hands. The Size of the grip is perfect for a guy with big hands like myself. I got the 24 inch tonfa and its really only 22 inches, so if you think you need a 20 inch get the 24 inch.

There was a sticker on the top of one of the Tonfas that was a real pain in the butt to remove. Took me a good 10 min with soap and water to scrub it off.

Another problem with my tonfas is that one of them came with what appears to be the beginning of a surface crack, or a very large chipping. Its not chipped yet or anything because I have not used it against any other real weapons like my Bo. I would not recommend using them against sturdy weapons because of this.

I have also herd a lot of people say that the handles come a little loose, This was not the case for me, They came just fine and very tight. However They don't look very reinforced and I am sure they will come loose after a lot of practice.

I recommend this as your secondary Set of Tonfa to practice on dummies or other soft objects, but do not spar with them They simply don't feel sturdy enough for that.   
by: alazar14   
11/14/2008 7:47:03 PM
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I've been seen with those, asked to order another pair. Enjoy  
by: marrrinka   
4/9/2015 11:30:13 AM
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ideally I should have prolly a 22 or 23 in tonfa. The 24 is slightly long for me they are strong red oak and sturdy with a wedge and I believe 2 nails through the side into where the handle is in the body. and glued. nothing coming loose I wish though the handle diameter was thicker, and the end-cap was larger and the handle not so long. These are a bit difficult for me to control due to this. But they are strong and reliable until I have time to build my own custom set. There is a surface crack near the handle but it seems shallow more like a splinter. I don't believe it will effect anything.   
by: dajand8   
4/3/2015 6:55:45 PM
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How do you size for tonfa?  
by: eddiejellum   
5/3/2013 7:08:41 PM
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This video will help guide you through the size and selection process - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mg0vwrT7b4M.
by: okiken108    
5/6/2013 9:29:48 PM
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Great quality, great service

The tonfas were delivered right away. Great service. The tonfas are also very high quality, and the length is true to the description. My only complaint is that I wish I knew how long the grip was, because the width of my hand is smaller than the grip length. Maybe that information should be included in the description.   
by: Maya   
2/5/2013 2:06:28 PM
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Great quality

These Tonfas are made well. ordering was easy and sizing correct. The only thing I didn't think about was the height of the handle. I have an average hand size and the nub at the end of the handle does not fit snug against my hand. This allows for movement while working with the Tonfa. A friend has a pair with a shorter handle and it is easier to work with because there isn't a lot of movement of my hand up and down the handle. These, however are a better quality of craftsmanship.  
by: teresa   
12/29/2012 10:27:21 AM
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Beautiful and functional

Looks great and sturdy. Will buy again!  
by: Bobert   
11/9/2012 12:59:42 PM
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Is the listed price (19.95 "Pair") for two tonfa, or just the one shown in the picture? When I added it to the cart it immediately changed the quantity to two. I just don't have the money if I have to spend $40 plus...  
by: Leon   
7/22/2012 2:16:07 PM
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Hey Leon. These tonfa come in twos. That means, if you add 1 to your cart you'll be receiving a pair. You should only have to spend $20 plus whatever shipping comes up.
by: okiken108    
7/23/2012 10:38:38 AM
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Good and bad

I really like the handle on these tonfa, because they allow you to spin them while maintaining a good grip, and control is everything. I think that they're too light, which is what's holding them back. They are excellent for thrusts, but not so powerful for strikes.  
by: dumbdrummer15   
12/19/2011 11:54:58 PM
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Had to completely redo them to fit my hands & length. I got the longer ones but they were too long, so I chopped about 4-5 inches off the length. Also the knobs on the handles are WAYYY to small; everytime I would spin them around a few times they would spin right out of my hands. So I cut off about 1 in. off the handle length & glued & screwed wooden craft wheels as caps on top to keep ahold of them. also the wedging of how the handles are attached to the rest of the tonfa keeps moving in & out & creating slop, so I had to drill a cross hole & screw it in tight to lock it in place. Also had to sand the varnish off the handles so they would spin more freely in my hands.....
NOW the tonfas are built right & work like they should, but I'm a little picky on making it fit right for me  
by: yardsmith   
12/1/2011 11:48:56 PM
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Is it okay to bring it anywhere and not get arrested as long as it is in a case or a bag?  
by: alazif21   
8/13/2011 9:02:48 PM
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Tough to say alazif, 'anywhere' is a broad term. For example, when flying you'll have to check them (and not do carry on) even if they are in a case.
by: okiken108    
8/19/2011 1:36:11 PM
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No, generally speaking you can't carry them anywhere, but check your local laws for a more accurate answer. Best to keep them at home or in your dojo/training center.
by: ewcogs  
9/25/2011 12:06:14 AM
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A little rough around the edges

This is my first pair of tonfas. They are sturdy with the handles being firmly attached. The stickers on the tonfas were easy to remove for me, it is the sticky residue left behind that takes a few minutes to remove.

To remove the sticky residue, use waterless hand soap like gojo and rub it in the residue and then wipe off. I did this 3 times and the residue was gone in about 5 minutes. The only side effect was that a little of the brown stain also came off. This isn't noticeable though since the stickers were on the bottom part of the tonfa when you hold it.

The tonfas seemed a little rough around the edges. I used some steel wool to smooth the handles and the rest of the rough areas. A little discoloring is fine with me since I plan to refinish the tonfas with tung oil the next I refinish a cane.

Depending upon where you live(the more humid, the more often) you need to keep wood, especially oak oiled. I recently had a oak cane break which was treated with tung oil and mineral oil. Since I live in a very humid area I have now learned that oak canes need to be wiped with mineral oil on a monthly basis. I am not sure whether this applies to the tonfas, although I will treat them like my canes.   
by: time4u2   
5/20/2011 3:59:56 PM
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Handle size

Can you tell me, please, how long is the handle?
by: diegoz_ar   
3/24/2011 3:07:57 PM
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The handles are about 4" long, give or take.
by: okiken108    
3/25/2011 11:29:12 AM
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Are these ones more tapered than the square tonfa for balance reasons? Are they shaved down for the purpose of even spinning?  
by: Seagrim_Sirius   
3/11/2011 12:12:48 PM
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Hi Seagrim. Yes, the idea is that the balance is more toward the center (where the handle attaches), and can therefore spin more quickly and easily.

The tapered ones sacrifice a little centrifugal striking power in exchange for that balance.
by: okiken108    
3/14/2011 12:31:09 PM
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Sent to Indonesia

I am interested in the Tonfa, and want to buy a pair for being delivered to Indonesia. Please check and advise if this possible to be sent by post.  
by: Sigit   
9/19/2010 6:30:43 AM
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Sadly the laws against shipping weapons overseas would prohibit us from shipping to you in Indonesia.
by: okiken108    
9/20/2010 11:15:05 AM
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Um, is this available in the Philippines?
Coz I've want to own myself my own pair of these as they are great for both defense & offense.

Thanks. :)  
by: Transcode003   
6/23/2010 7:18:03 AM
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Unfortunately we cannot ship weapons internationally. The thing we are approved to ship would be foam padded weapons.
by: okiken108    
6/24/2010 5:13:22 PM
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These tonfa are good for practice and as people have said before the 24 inch is more like a 22 inch. they move well in my training but the handels are a little lose after a while. overall these are pretty good though.  
by: swimstud   
6/20/2010 3:48:05 PM
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The measurement of the Tonfa is it tip to tip or bottom to hand grip?

I use a carpenters square. By gripping the squares narrow end I can get the length of my forarm to elbow and add one inch.

by: bjewell   
5/6/2010 2:49:34 PM
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Measurement is from tip to tip. A great way to measure is to bend your elbow, extend your pointer finger, and take the measurement between those two points. That will simulate very closely a good tonfa length.
by: okiken108    
5/11/2010 3:20:05 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)

For a $20 pair of tonfas, these are perfect for practicing your technique; but not for sparring or combat. (as the warning label states) Why? When selecting a quality pair of tonfas, you look for straight grain and absence of knots in the wood. The wood will likely crack or split during sparring if it isn't. The grain on my pair are somewhat straight with a medium sized knot on one of them. I suggest sanding the varnish off the handles with 220 fine-grit sandpaper to ease with spinning. Again, use only for practice!  
by: vinniecorbit   
2/10/2009 1:12:52 PM
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The only difference between the Tonfa's pictured here and the Tonfa's that I received with my order is that they are black, which is ok. The weight is good and the handles are good size. They are very smooth and sturdy. I am an average sized man and the 24 inch Tonfa's that I ordered are just the right size. I would not go any smaller unless you are a very small person.  
by: rupena   
11/29/2006 4:21:31 AM
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Very Nice

I purchased a pair some time ago, and they have held up very well. One's been slightly chipped, but otherwise they've held up to everything I've put them through. However, the handles have become somewhat... wobbly over time, thus the four star rating. It doesn't affect their performance, but it worries me just a little. Overall, a great buy for the price with very good construction.  
by: zrc   
8/12/2006 9:23:48 AM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)

Excellent item

Excellent weapon. Nice hard wood, can take good blows from bokken. Cannot beat for the price.  
by: rslezak   
4/9/2006 12:24:42 PM
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Very good, sturdy tonfas.

These were very good and effective tonfas. The only thing that I disliked about them were the fact that the handles were large and that the stickers on them did not come off without leaving behind some residue, but that is expected when you look at their price.

Overall I would highly recommend these tonfas.  
by: Kholdstare2010   
2/27/2006 7:17:07 PM
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Good starter pair.

I bought these pair of tonfas as my first set and they are very nice. They arrived very quickly without express shipping, much faster than Budk or some of the other online sites. The tonfa's are great, despite coming with stickers on them which annoys me, but it's not their fault. The handle is a little loose on one, but fine on the other. Other than that though they're great. I'm beginning to learn to spin and hook with ease and they're great to spar with. Buy them, you won't be sorry.  
by: mental_hop   
1/27/2006 11:56:19 PM
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They're ok, but not perfect

The handles are kind of big and a little loose. And the sizing chart was off by about 4 centimeters. I'm going to have to buy a new pair soon, as these are a little too small for me. Other than that they are great. A little light for my taste, but well balanced.  
by: sherbet3300   
12/7/2005 11:55:59 AM
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a good practice weapon

i would have given it a 5, but when i got it, one of the handles was a little loose, the really nice part is that if this happens, you can tighten them yourself, all u need is a hammer and something small enough to tap the wedge further down. these tonfa can take some good abuse, and feel comfortable in your hands. the price is also a great plus, if you end up breaking them somehow, another pair won't break your wallet.  
by: G_Bouwmans   
4/4/2005 11:33:34 AM
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Awkward to Use

I ordered the 18 inch tonfa because that is the size I need according to my arm length. The handles are way too long on these tonfa. (Little arms = little hands.) I wish Century made the handle size proportional to the length of the tonfa. It seems that they just slapped their standard handles on these, and they slip as a result. If they made a choice of handle length, the product would be way better.  
by: sparkley1   
10/26/2004 10:13:17 AM
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Size: 18 inch
Ships Immediately - 19 On Hand 
Size: 20 inch
Ships Immediately - 24 On Hand 
Size: 24 inch
Ships Immediately - 37 On Hand 
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