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Pedometers Buying Guide
Pedometers are worn on the hip and based on your body's movements, your pedometer will count your steps. When you enter your stride length, the pedometer will calculate your distance walked and with your weight it can calculate the approximate number of calories burned.

Why a pedometer?

-More than 60% of adults do not achieve the recommended amount of physical activity, and 25% of adults are not physically active at all.

While many people believe only vigorous activity such as jogging and weight lifting count towards fitness, users who increase their number of steps consistently show improvement in weight, body fat, cholesterol level and overall fitness level.

If you like gadgets, this little and fairly inexpensive device will tell you exactly how many steps you have taken towards your goal and will help you keep pushing to your eventual target number of steps a day. You will be walking more, and that is the objective.

When should I use a pedometer?

Many people wear their pedometer all day.

You may find that you take 4,000 to 6,000 on an average day. If your long term goal is 10,000 steps a day and your short term goal is 8,000 by walking from a further parking space, walking your children to school, walking your dog, taking a stroll with a friend during lunch you can boost your number of steps without making walking a major activity. Your pedometer will tell you exactly how many steps you have added.

You can also use your pedometer just to track your number of steps and distance/calories when taking walks. If the pedometer is keeping you walking or walking more, you are using it correctly.

How do I wear my pedometer and set my stride length?

Pedometer are worn on the hip. For different people and body types the exact position on your hip for counting steps varies, experiment a little and you will find these little devices are extremely accurate.

To set your stride length, mark the position on the front of your foot, then take ten normal steps and mark the position of the front of your forward foot. Measure that distance and divide it by ten. If your total distance is 25 feet, your stride length is 2.5 feet.

How to choose the correct pedometer?

For $9.95 you can get an extremely accurate and reliable pedometer. With more expensive pedometers you will be paying for additional features such as distance and calorie calculation, radios, pulse monitoring and pedometers that talk to you. You will not receive increased accuracy over a name brand pedometer (such as Sportline or Digiwalker).

The two biggest problems people have with their pedometers are accidental resets and lost pedometers.

Pedometers use many methods to avoid accidental resets, including delayed resets, strategic placement of reset button to reduce the risk of accidental reset and clear covers. A clear plastic cover which snaps shut is the most reliable of these methods. To avoid losing your pedometer, make sure to purchase a name brand pedometer which will a far more dependable waist band clip and consider a pedometer that in addition to the waistband clip includes a keychain clip which secures the unit to your belt, such as the Sportline 349 Never Lose Large Display Pedometer.

Top picks

Sportline 360 Fitness Pedometer

Loaded with features this pedometer is small and extremely accurate. With a two line display, you can see your number of steps as well as your calories, speed, or amount of time you have been walking without having to stop and press any buttons.

Also features seven day history (a great feature), a clock and clear cover which prevents accidental button pushes and resets.

Sportline 330 Electronic Step Pedometer

This pedometer only counts steps, but it is inexpensive as well as one of the most accurate and reliable. A clear cover prevents accidental button pushes and resets. Ideal those who want to count steps and want to avoid a huge investment.

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