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Training > Body Shields > Pro Quality Curved Body Shield

Pro Quality Curved Body Shield by KD Elite

Pro Quality Curved Body Shield

See larger image

$49.95 each

Want it by Monday, August 20? Order in the next 5 hours, 23 minutes and choose 2nd Day Air.


Excellent energy dispersement for power strikers
5 Star Rating (10 customer reviews)

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Product Description
  • 22" tall, 13" across, 4.5" thick
  • Filled with impact absorbing foam
  • Available in red blue or black
  • Concave design evenly distributes impacts
  • Features two adjustable nylon holding straps with one rubber coated nylon handle

The KD Elite Pro Quality Curved Body Shield is designed to keep you safe while maximizing the comfort and results for strikers of any age.

The most noticeable feature of this body shield is the curvature. Unlike straight bags, the KD Elite provides unique training opportunities. The design coupled with a firm interior padding allows for very solid striking with minimized impact on the bag holder. Strong techniques can still be felt, but the shield disperses much of the energy.

The curved bag also allows for different strikes that wouldn't be as functional on a straight bag. The top curve can be used for simulating upper-cutting and palm-heel strikes under the chin. The bottom curve can be used for side stomp kicks. The logo on the front serves as a great target that can help students hone their accuracy.

With so many striking options, KD Elite made sure to provide proper gripping for the bag holder. Instead of two standard handles across the middle, there are three specifically placed control points on the back of the body shield. The first two are Velcro straps across the middle of the bag. Since the bulk of strikes come toward the center, it is important to have the most stability there. But there is also a third handle at the top of the bag. This strap has a high quality rubber coating that allows for comfort and usability. By utilizing all three straps, strikes can be delivered to any part of the bag with confidence and control.

The surface material for the body shield is surprisingly easy on the knuckles. Many bags sacrifice comfort for durability, but Kd Elite's material delivers both. This bag is just as functional for children as it is for powerful adults.

When it comes to striking bags, martial artists need three things: durability, usability, and affordability. The KD Elite Pro Quality Curved Body Shield is one product that can deliver all three.

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Do you folks do custom school logo imprints on kicking shields?

Don 208-305-4095  
by: Donnie   
5/28/2015 4:44:23 PM
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Sorry Don, we do not offer personalized imprints on this item.
by: okiken108    
5/28/2015 9:11:01 PM
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This is the best shield I've ever used. Absorbs all the shock, is the perfect sized, and is just really good looking.

Plus, my initials are DK, so I love this even more.  
by: ThyDarkstone   
5/1/2013 9:17:07 PM
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Beat it up!

This shield can really take a licking. I practice muay thai and can slam around the heavier hanging bags. For a body shield to stand up to my blows is amazing. I truly recommend this shield. Now! If I can get my wife to hold my shield for me...  
by: gdemetru   
12/20/2011 11:30:26 AM
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Pro Quality Curved Body Shield

Excellent product for a great price. Our whole family is really enjoying this product. It is a great size, and we even packed it and took it to the beach with us! Great product.   
by: Travis   
8/1/2011 8:01:40 AM
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excellent training product!

Really enjoying the use of this shield with my training partner! Lots of padding and well worth the money.  
by: JK   
7/29/2011 1:10:58 PM
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Video Review

Review by The Fight Nerd at the New York Black Belt Center in Whitestone, Queens, NY.   
by: topout   
6/6/2011 9:11:31 PM
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well worth the money

bought this for my son, but we both ended up using it alot shows no sign of ware yet & we both use in class.  
by: dhover   
4/4/2011 2:06:47 PM
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Awesome body shield

This really is the body shield to beat the band. Sturdy, rock-solid construction, heavy-duty foam fill, and solid straps so you can really beat the daylights out of this thing. It's a very pronounced curve on the shield, too, so you can also practice elbow and knee strikes on it. I'm looking forward to getting years of service out of it, and am almost curious about the abuse that could kill it.  
by: MeatShield   
12/22/2010 8:33:52 PM
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Great shield

This was a great buy. My son uses it all the time and has gotten alot better at sparring.  
by: dtadlas   
11/27/2010 12:55:52 PM
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Great Kick shield

I have used many kick shields for the last 8 years and this one is one of the best, especially for the price. My students light up when they saw that it was blue! They love it and so do I.   
by: Tiger_Kenpo   
7/23/2010 10:53:01 AM
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great body shield

I have owned many body shields before with varying degrees of quality. I have now owned this one for a week and am super satisfied. Used it everyday this week at 2 gyms (an MMA club and a Karate dojo) where everyone kicked the snot out of it. It was dense enough to slow the really hard kickers.

The guy who broke my last one (making me have to shell out more money and get some new gear) and has for the past 3 months bruised my ribs did nothing to me with the new shield. Well he did tire my arms out but no more of to much force through the pad and eventually bruising of my ribs. The straps on the back are heavy duty and the one on the top that looks cheap is very durable and comfortable. For the 60$ i paid worth it.   
by: lettus   
6/5/2010 6:27:24 AM
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This shield is just amazing, it is perfectly curved!! I was holding it for a friend of mine who is quite big and I did not feel a thing! The handles were so comfortable to hold. I would recommend this shield to anyone!  
by: Michael   
10/9/2006 3:14:09 PM
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Color: Black
Ships Immediately - 46 On Hand 
Color: Blue
Ships Immediately - 9 On Hand 
Color: Red
Ships Immediately - 5 On Hand 
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KD Elite means Value. Get more than you expect with KD Elite martial arts equipment. Our student uniforms are just a bit heavier, our judo gis are stitched perfectly, and our shields take more punishment. Products that last - KD Elite.
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