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Martial Arts Uniforms > Judo > Single Weave Judo Gi (Blue)

Single Weave Judo Gi (Blue) by Fuji

Single Weave Judo Gi (Blue)

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$51.95 - $71.95 each

Sizing Chart
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Quality and color that lasts
4.5 Star Rating (3 customer reviews)

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Product Description
    • Single weave construction
    • blue design
    • Judo construction and sizing
    • Suitable for most grapple arts
    • Includes jacket, pants, and white belt (no color substitutions)

    Over 50 years of testing, tweaking and optimizing performance. Fuji has designed an all-around single weave blue gi that can be relied up to withstand the stresses and rigors of Judo or Jujitsu training.

    Soft poly-cotton blend fabric is tightly wound in traditional judo pattern. Reinforced stitching helps reduce wear and tear at the most common stress points on the gi.

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Size question

My granddaughter is 4'9" tall, and weighs 105 lbs.

My granddaughter is 4' 9" tall and weighs 105 lbs. She has a stocky build. What size gi would you recommend? Thanks. Ken Cole

by: Ken Cole   
7/8/2014 12:11:59 PM
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I think at the moment a size 1 would be best. You could also go size 2 and let her grow into it a little.
by: okiken108    
7/17/2014 10:52:18 AM
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I'm 5'7.5" and 140-145lbs
I own a Mizuno single weave in a size 3 that fits very well after it shrank
What size would you suggest? your sizing chart here is a little different from the one on the Fuji website  
by: Andy   
3/10/2013 6:00:49 PM
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Yes our sizing chart seems to recommend slightly larger sizes. Since you've tried a 3 before and know you like it, go with the 3 again.
by: okiken108    
3/11/2013 1:28:52 PM
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Hello, I am 5'10, 165lbs. Is it safe to trust a size 5 will fit me?

Also, I own a Fuji Victory BJJ Kimono size A3. The embroidered badge on the left shoulder and upper middle back add a nice detail to the gi. Does this single weave Judo gi have the same factory embroidered badges?
by: Nick   
2/13/2013 3:32:08 PM
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Hi Nick. Yes a size 5 would work. I also think a size 4 could work if you were looking for something form fitting.

This uniform does come with an optional patch which you can sew on at your discretion.
by: okiken108    
2/15/2013 1:41:34 PM
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The gi quality is awesome, especially for the very low price. The problem I ran into is the sizing. I followed the sizing chart but the gi is way too big. I'm 6'2" and 195 and the size 6 jacket swallows me up. The pants fit just about right. I hot washed and hot dried the uniform probably 8 times and the jacket is still way too big. I should say that the sleeve length is good on my wrist but the jacket skirt comes down too low and overall over sized (probably would be good for someone around 250 pounds).

But I'm not giving up on this gi so today I ordered a size 5 and will review how it fits later.

Update 3/24/2014

The size 4 has fit almost perfectly which is really strange that I would be that small of a size.

Also, my wife who is 5'5 ended up needing a size 3 and she is normal weight. I had shipped a size 1, which was too small as well as a size 2. That ended up okay as they fit my children.

If you can get the right size, they are excellent for the price. And if you are wondering about this verses a double weave, DON'T get a double. They are way too heavy and hot. I am 6'2 and 185 and train every week and these single weaves have minimal wear so far.  
by: Micah Bailey   
1/26/2013 4:20:02 PM
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what size.

I am about 5 8 and 230 pounds. I'm not sure what size to get. looking at 5 or 6. My buddy had a size 7 and it seem to be a little to big on me.   
by: premix_23   
11/6/2012 10:46:03 AM
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Size 5 is perfect for your height but you might find it a little tight around the midsection. One thing you could do is go 6 and do a little wash shrinking if you there is too much space.
by: okiken108    
11/7/2012 2:36:59 PM
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size question

I am about 6ft and weigh 160 lb. what size would you recomend, I dont want it to be too baggy or too short   
by: monsieurlgs   
10/17/2012 12:50:15 PM
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I think a size 5 would be the best possible compromise of width and height for you.
by: okiken108    
10/17/2012 1:39:25 PM
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I just recently recieved this gi, and i love it, but the belt that came with it was way to small, the tabs were only like two-inchs long once tied. What size belt do you think i need to order to fix this problem? By the way, the gi was a size 2.  
by: lakeb2012   
10/9/2012 2:25:16 PM
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Sorry lakeb but we can't really know that without knowing your body dimensions.
by: okiken108    
10/10/2012 2:11:06 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)

Do you think that Gi would work okay for jiu jitsu, not in tournaments or anything, just for free rolling at my house.  
by: lakeb2012   
10/4/2012 3:29:22 PM
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Yes this would work fine. The only significant difference is that judo gi tend to be cut a little looser, where as jujutsu specific gi are more form fitting.
by: okiken108    
10/4/2012 3:40:16 PM
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size trouble

im about 5ft 110pounds, what size would be best for me, i looked at the chart i think a size 2 would work, but i just want to be sure.  
by: lakeb2012   
9/30/2012 11:24:36 PM
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Size 2 seems like a pretty perfect fit. Although I will say if you like a more form fit type of gi with less bagginess you would fit in a size 1 fine.
by: okiken108    
10/1/2012 2:40:01 PM
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I love this gi!

My son and I were looking to buy blue gi. We already had double-weave white ones, so we considered going with a single weave for the blue. I was a little dubious about whether a single weave would be sturdy enough. I am very pleased the Fuji gi. They are well-constructed and the fit is very comfortable. The fit of the pants is better than my other gi, with a higher rise in the waist. My son was recently in a tournament and he wore the Fuji blue gi and seeing it side-by-side with the other blue gi worn by the other competitors, the shade of blue is very pleasing and the quality was apparent. I'd recommend it to anyone. If you're looking for sizing comparisons, I'm 6'1" and 205 lbs. A size 6 fits perfectly after it shrinks after a few washes. My son is about 5'7" and 135 lbs, and he took a size 4.   
by: gdwest999   
4/4/2012 9:25:12 PM
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Size Question

Hello. I am about 5'6" and weight around 175 lbs. Waist size about 34".
What size do you recomend.

Thank you.  
by: Teto   
3/6/2012 2:15:21 PM
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I think a size 4 is going to be the most comfortable for you.
by: okiken108    
3/7/2012 10:50:43 AM
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Sizing Help

I am 5'9" and weigh 260lbs. What size should I get?  
by: David   
1/20/2012 11:22:42 PM
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A size #6 would probably be your best bet in terms of height vs width.

If a lot of your weight settles around the midsection, you could go with a size #7 and hem the pants and sleeves.
by: okiken108    
1/24/2012 12:00:36 PM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
im 5'3",about 51kg, what size recomend??

by: marino  
4/20/2012 3:46:57 AM
Was this helpful? (0) (0)
A size 2 would be a comfortable fit. If you prefer a more form fit gi go with the size 1.
by: okiken108    
10/1/2012 2:41:52 PM
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Excellent Gi!

I've been doing judo for about a year and a half. When I bought my first gi I wanted to get a double weave. It works great, but man is it hot! And makes laundry a pain. So I wanted to get a lighter weight gi to stay cooler at practice and reduce my wife's laundry stress on Judo nights. So I found the Fuji Single Weave. I decided to get blue simply because I already have a white gi. I know some judo places don't like students wearing blue, but my sensei doesn't care. It is very comfortable, and while it is lighter weight than my double weave, it is very tough, and so far has held up great under a lot of pulling, tugging, throwing, twisting, etc. I weigh close to 200 lbs and I have no concerns about it ripping. Practice is much more comfortable, I don't create puddles of sweat on the mats (as much), and it air dries in about 24 hours as opposed to my double, which takes about 4 days for the jacket. The color is a very nice deep blue and has not faded at all. It shrank about as much as the tags said it would, so it fits me just right. I am very very happy with the quality of this gi, especially with the low price. It was delivered promptly and has worked out great!  
by: cjj   
12/19/2011 7:21:02 PM
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Sizing Info
Fuji Judo Gi - Sizing Chart
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