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Weapons > Sai > Chrome Sais

Chrome Sais by KD Elite

Chrome Sais

See larger image

$49.95 pair

Want it by Thursday, October 25? Order in the next 33 minutes and choose 2nd Day Air.


Magnificent Quality!
4.5 Star Rating (32 customer reviews)

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Product Description
    • Leather wrapped handle
    • Octagonal stems
    • Each sai weighs approximately 1.4lbs.
    • Sold as pair
    • Please Note: All of our weapons are intended for light practice and form training only. They are not made for live combat or repeated impact against hard surfaces.

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    What Are Sai Good For Anyway?

    Theshadow1928 asks: What are sai good for anyway?

    It's a good question - sometimes we don't stop to think about such a simple yet critical matter. In this video I investigate the background of the sai, what it WAS good for and what it still might be good for today.  
    by: okiken108      
    1/6/2011 1:13:05 PM
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    Very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing it!
    by: adamstkd  
    1/6/2011 1:45:34 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Thanks Adam, glad you dug it!
    by: okiken108    
    1/6/2011 2:40:27 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    you should demo more, especially with the toilet brush! lol
    by: sasquatch  
    1/6/2011 4:01:18 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Haha, absolutely sasquatch. You couldn't be more right.
    by: okiken108    
    1/7/2011 11:15:30 AM
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    Just Received 21.5 inch Sais and they

    Are great and about $20 cheaper than many other places. Already started practicing and they are great and look great too. Purchased the case and Sais fit fine.  
    by: aschaefer5   
    4/28/2011 4:33:41 PM
    Was this helpful? (1) (0)

    they are pretty good balance and are what i was looking for!!!!!!1  
    by: oliver   
    4/14/2010 2:45:05 PM
    Was this helpful? (1) (0)

    Decent Sai, but they seem too small!

    I ordered a pair of 15-inch Sai for my 12 year-old daughter, they arrived promptly...It was meant to be a surprise (one of her 20-something presents she will most likely get this Christmas!), but they seem too small! I had her hold them in her hands to make sure and they just don't look right. I am going to have to re-order the 18-inch size for her, she will grow into them any way! Additionally, the Sai are solid and appear durable, but they are not symmetrical at all! One seems slightly thinner than the other, but I guess you get what you pay for...it is a decent price after all.  
    by: jorgrey   
    12/11/2017 8:49:54 PM
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    Lousy Exchange service

    I ordered a wrong size of sais. Sent it back for an exchange. Shipping cost on mine. The wrong product has arrived at KarateDepot for 12 days now and I still have not received the exchange. Only an email saying "We have processed your exchange and your new item should ship out today." No the tracking information included.

    Ordering service is fine. It's just the exchange service so LOUSY.  
    by: minh30   
    12/12/2016 9:01:32 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Sorry to hear about that delay minh. I'd imagine it has something to do with the holiday rush. Nevertheless, feel free to follow-up with our customer service center if you want to find out more about the status of your order.
    by: okiken108    
    12/13/2016 5:36:46 PM
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    Octagonal Sais

    I got the 21 1/2" sais as I have a little bit longer arms & my weapons trainer says the ends need to come past the elbow for complete cover of forearm & also elbow strikes w/the tip sticking out past the elbow.

    These sais are absolutely solid. Very well balanced. I had another 19" pair I gave to my Renshi as he is shorter & they fit him better. I actually like this new pair more as the yoku are squared off & not rounded. I found that I have more control of the the 90 degree yoku over the rounded yoku.

    My only complaint is the handle wraps. The wraps themselves are ok, but they are secured by the worst/cheapest black tape that comes off immediately. I unwrapped & re-wrapped tighter, but used clear fingernail polish to secure the tape & leather. I actually had to re-apply polish just this morning for the 2nd time as the tape is coming off. I will eventually get rid of this pathetic tape & find a better way to secure the leather, but this working for now. Really love these weapons, just wish I could magically be an expert with them!   
    by: Chris   
    5/14/2015 12:44:11 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    21.5" Chrome Octogan

    Recently begun tutelage under certified Okinawan kobujitsu-ka. Was using 19", but found needed 21.5" to cover forearm. These longer sais seem to "twirl" easier as the longer length offers better balance during the twirl. Only complaint is the leather wrap is crap. The leather is fine, but it is "taped" on w/the worst tape - so cheap for such nice sais. Took tape off & tightened the the leather around the handle then secured with clear fingernail polish. (my grandfather always used polish on fishing pole eyes, what gave me the idea!) Will see if it holds. SO EXCITED to get to practice bunkai with these!   
    by: Chris   
    4/21/2015 11:45:43 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)


    These sai are amazing for the price. Very strong with a nice balance point and the metal seems strong. At first I was concerned because where the chrome was damaged through contact there was copper underneath, but now I understand that it is normal to coat a layer of copper between iron and chrome plating. The grip material you get is fairly standard leather grip, which becomes slick when your hand is sweaty. There was also a loose spot on mine. However this is to be expected on sai at this price point, and can easily be remedied. These are the best you can get prolly without going to much more expensive Okinawan or custom made sai.   
    by: dajand8   
    4/3/2015 7:04:23 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    What metal are these sai made from under the chrome?

    In places where the chrome has been cut or nicked on my set, it appears a copper color? I am now editing my initial comment after having done some research and found that a copper plating is often found in between the iron and chrome. But I would still like to know definitively what these are constructed of since they are described as "chrome" and I haven't noticed a description as to what the underlying metal is. They seem strong and are nice to handle btw.   
    by: dajand8   
    3/30/2015 9:08:46 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Hey Dajan. Your research is correct! It is an iron construction with a chrome plating. Since the chrome is just an exterior coating, you get the nicking when used for contact.
    by: okiken108    
    4/1/2015 11:09:46 AM
    Was this helpful? (1) (0)

    i'd asked a question on duel weilding katana or bokken, I had actually gotten the idea from these. I noticed the considerable weight, are they really as heavy as the full size sword?  
    by: NightThorn   
    10/23/2013 9:01:25 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Hi NightThorn. The weight difference between the two will depend greatly on the make of both weapons. If one is solid steel while the other is aluminum there will be a weight difference.

    That being said, the major difference in weilding two is the length. The center of gravity for the sai is very close to the hand and can be manipulated more easily with one hand. The sword is "lankier" and trickier to use with one hand. That all being said, it's not impossible, just trickier.
    by: okiken108    
    10/23/2013 10:46:12 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Good Deal

    The price is right for these. They fit me well, they are exactly as advertised. They are good for learning kata on and for someone starting out. They are on the light side and I will upgrade to a better set when I can afford them. My only complaint is that I ordered round and got the octagonal. I wasn't going to return them and wait for more so I just kept them. I would say anyone wanting to start out would be happy with these. They have decent balance and seem solidly constructed. I ended up redoing the wrap on the handles, but only because I wanted them to fit my hands better, not because there was anything wrong with them.   
    by: Mike   
    7/21/2013 9:10:16 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Hey my length from the outside of my elbow tip to my middle finger tip is 18". I want the tip of the sei to come past my elbow for a high block but don't want them too long. With this grip will the 18" be okay?  
    by: zak   
    3/8/2013 9:54:57 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Yes 18 inch should be fine. For proper sai sizing, you don't actually need the metal to come down all the way to the very tip of your elbow. The nature of using a rising block let's the angle of the blade slide the attacking weapon off before it touches your elbow.
    by: okiken108    
    3/8/2013 12:10:45 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Many out there would disagree that the tip MUST be past the elbow to clearly protect the full arm & also allow for a stab w/an elbow thrust strike. If the tip does not protrude past the elbow, one could be struck on the elbow trying to execute a block. I can verify this being struck by a bo on the tip of my elbow during bunkai w/sais that were 19", not the proper 21.5" for me personally.
    by: Chris  
    4/21/2015 11:52:17 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    are they?

    are they a pair of sais  
    by: eli   
    12/31/2012 6:01:14 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Yes these come in pairs.
    by: okiken108    
    1/2/2013 12:59:31 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    can you?

    can you use them to climb trees  
    by: eli   
    12/31/2012 6:00:14 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Climbing trees was not their original intention Eli, however you might be able to find ways to use them. Keep in mind they do not come sharpened (nor are they intended to be sharpened).
    by: okiken108    
    1/2/2013 1:00:28 PM
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    Happy Customer

    Well balanced. Sizing easy and correct.  
    by: teresa   
    12/29/2012 10:32:26 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Great product!

    These sai are an outstanding product! They are well-built, solid and even look good. Perfect if your style does any real weapons vs weapons/training or katas. While I haven't had them long, they can definitely take a beating with no problem. The balance is good, but they may be a bit heavy. I don't have a real sense for this since they are my first sai. When I was researching, it seemed like the choice was either really cheap ($25-$30) or really expensive custom or Okinawan sai ($300+). This is nice medium entry point. Down the road I may want a custom set, but I think these will last a long time. One note; a lot of other reviewers noted the leather wrapping comes off easily. I just wrapped the top of handle a few times with electrical tape and so far so good.   
    by: jms5   
    12/19/2012 7:47:26 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Useful Dimension

    The 21.5" length sai measures 15.5 inches from tip to horizontal tang. It fits me well (extending almost 1 inch below my elbow during the blocking grip). With my elbow resting on the table, I have 14.5 inches up to the webbing between my thumb and hand. These dimensions should be helpful to select the correct sai length. A minor improvement might be to have the horizontal tang mounting bump be a little bigger to help keep one's thumb tip out of danger during thrusting.  
    by: cturner   
    11/15/2012 10:36:59 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Useful Dimension

    The 21" length sai measures 15.5 inches from tip to horizontal tang. It fits me well (extending almost 1 inch below my elbow during the blocking grip). With my elbow resting on the table, I have 14.5 inches up to the webbing between my thumb and hand. These dimensions should be helpful to select the correct sai length. A minor improvement might be to have the horizontal tang mounting bump be a little bigger to help keep one's thumb tip out of danger during thrusting.  
    by: cturner   
    11/15/2012 10:36:53 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    For Okiken

    THanks OKIKEN for answering my last question about the weight of the chrome sais. I am in Isshinryu karate at the Quincy karate club in Quincy,Illinois, and Im a blue belt with 1 stripe on it. I just started learning how to use a sai and learned sai shodan kata. I would like to buy a sai, but dont know which one to get, an aluminum sai or a chrome sai? Which would you recommend for a beginner like me?  
    by: Isshinryu@QKC   
    3/20/2012 7:13:58 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Not a problem! I'd recommend you find out what is more typical at your dojo. Also find out if there is a preferred color (chrome or black). Your Sensei will be able to tell you how much contact your sai are going to take, or if they are just for forms.

    You can use that info to make a better decision!
    by: okiken108    
    3/21/2012 12:06:48 PM
    Was this helpful? (1) (0)
    need to know

    Are these chrome sais heavier than the aluminum sais??? I would really like to know because I don't want them to be hard to flip and really heavy.  
    by: Isshinryu@QKC   
    3/18/2012 6:31:13 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Yes these sai do tend to be heavier than the aluminum ones. They can also take more contact though.
    by: okiken108    
    3/19/2012 11:41:50 AM
    Was this helpful? (1) (0)


    I purchased several sai and on every one of them the handle covering came apart after only one work out. Decent balance and weight for the price. Handle covering is the worst. I rate it a 3 star.  
    by: Rich Ruberto   
    2/12/2012 5:38:32 PM
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    Silat Hailam Boyan & Sai

    he using Sai when he demonstrate his 'silat Hailam Boyan'  
    by: ross   
    1/23/2012 7:13:17 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    my sais

    Whats up every body i just got my sais a couple of days ago and i love em they are very easily to flip they are very well blanced i take isshinryu and they are very easily to do kusanku sai just one thing i think that the leather grip is kinda cheap but other than that its great   
    by: isshinryu3531   
    1/14/2012 10:30:39 AM
    Was this helpful? (1) (1)

    Sai - octogon, chrome, 18" w/ case

    These good quality sai. I'm comparing them against my own sai that are 20 years old. The weight is good and the finish is excellent. The leather wraps appear to be done well. Eventually these wraps come loose, but then you take them to a golf shop and have them re-gripped. The case is fine; same case I bought long ago and it still works fine. Don't worry about the "bulg" in the case when closed like I've read on a couple reviews; it's minor and not a factor. The case is great for transporting; that's what it's made for.  
    by: mikebel   
    12/20/2011 10:55:44 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    D'oh! In Between Sizes Again!

    Elbow to middle fingertip, I'm 15", so should I get the 15" or the 18"? Doesn't look like there's a 16"! LOL Dang...  
    by: PL   
    12/8/2011 3:50:08 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Hi PL. I would probably go with the 15". ALthough they will be a touch short for you, the 18 will feel unwieldy. Also, some people like slightly shorter sai so it is not a terrible breach in kobudo tradition.
    by: okiken108    
    12/9/2011 10:45:58 AM
    Was this helpful? (1) (0)

    Are they sharp  
    by: ellie   
    11/16/2011 7:53:25 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    No these are not sharp. Historically speaking sai were very rarely a sharp weapon.
    by: okiken108    
    11/18/2011 3:08:54 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    2 answer question

    Do you think the chrome sais would be good for 11 year old. Also if you order one does it come with two.  
    by: matt   
    7/30/2011 12:33:22 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Hi Matt. Yes these would be a fine training tool. They always come in twos.
    by: okiken108    
    8/1/2011 1:21:52 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Sai Measurement

    How do I determine the right size? I borrowed some last night and sensei informed me that they were too short and I needed longer ones. I understand that when the guard is "hooked" between the thumb and index finger, the blade should extend past the tip of the elbow when used as a guard. I am a 6 foot male. Thanks  
    by: aschaefer5   
    4/19/2011 8:32:55 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    you measure a sai length by measuring from the bend in your elbow to your middle fingertip. than you add an inch to that, and your sai should be fine.
    by: Batman  
    8/22/2012 2:13:50 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Overall, great set, but...

    After practicing with these for less than a week, the leather wrap came undone. The tape at the guard is weak at best. I was able to wrap the sais with the same leather and used my own tape. So far so good, but I would hope the manufacturer would make a change here.  
    by: gtbk   
    2/18/2011 8:46:46 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    great weapon good balance very effective

    great weapon good balance very effective  
    by: zero   
    1/25/2011 4:22:08 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    what size

    I see other questions about the size. I have a quick question. You say measure to the tip of the elbow. Does that mean in the crease of the elbow or along the forearm on the outside, where the elbow comes to a point?   
    by: duckijo   
    1/19/2011 12:50:44 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Hey duckijo. Measure along the outside of the forearm, where the elbow comes to a point.
    by: okiken108    
    1/21/2011 2:29:13 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    what are sais good for anyway like are they for competition or what  
    by: theshadow1928   
    12/31/2010 4:22:36 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Hey Shadow. I created a video response for you - check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq9vgitICLk or right above this in the comment wall!
    by: okiken108    
    1/6/2011 1:14:04 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Good purchase

    No surprises here. Good quality sais at a good price. Would buy again.   
    by: kb9yhv   
    10/27/2010 11:56:56 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)


    i recently purchased the chrome sais from karate depot and the wrapping on the handle is starting to come off. can i buy any kind of grip tape or is there a certain kind?

    by: thoru11   
    8/10/2010 9:56:25 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    A little bit of super glue on the inside should get you back to where you need to be. There is also durable double sided tape you can pick up from most hardware stores.
    by: okiken108    
    8/10/2010 1:29:44 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    I'm about 5'6 what is a good size of Sai for me to get?   
    by: Rockerchick76   
    6/14/2010 4:21:04 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Hey Rockerchick. Here's what you gotta do - grab a tape measure and bend your arm at the elbow. Measure from middle finger tip to elbow, and then add an inch. That should be the length you go for!
    by: okiken108    
    6/15/2010 5:14:34 PM
    Was this helpful? (1) (0)
    Sai in plastic

    Sai in plastic
    by: summoboy   
    5/16/2010 1:38:48 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Za in my front lawn

    Za in my front lawn
    by: summoboy   
    5/16/2010 1:37:45 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Zai in box

    Zai in box
    by: summoboy   
    5/16/2010 1:36:45 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Loved them!

    I got mine pretty fast when I ordered them. I opened the box and I was ripped open the plastic. I held them up and I a little surprised at the weight but i tested the balance and it's great! I threw them and they stuck in the ground perfectly. I loved them except i just got them and already the handle wrapping was starting to peel off. Otherwise they are great!
    Oh and a good tip is to clean the shaft of the sai every time you get them dirty otherwise they will get stained.
    And all you tall people like me-I am 6-1/2-get the 21 and a half in zai! I did and they fit me perfectly! :)

    Here are some great instructional videos for the zai:



    by: summoboy   
    5/16/2010 1:31:43 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Octagon vs Round?

    I want to buy a sai(s) however, I don't know what the difference is between the octagon and round sai? I tried looking online but they look the same to me/   
    by: StunninJersey   
    4/20/2010 10:20:01 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    The different is almost entirely superficial (as in, whichever you like better). The functionality is essentially the same.

    Just as a note of clarification - the octogan vs round shape appears on the "blade" of the sai, and not the handle or side prongs.
    by: okiken108    
    4/21/2010 2:36:13 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    actually if you are practicing by striking wooden weapons (ie a bo) the round will let your bo live longer :-)
    by: tkdjudy  
    6/4/2010 1:36:13 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    Sai questions?

    I see the reviews but how good are these sais? How good is the wrapping as well? And, lol, i was thinking of buying the 21 and a half inche set since i am 6'2. Is that an ideal size sai for me?  
    by: samurisam   
    4/5/2010 6:14:49 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)
    A great way to be sure on size is to go to your school and check out a few of the other students sais. If the metal comes down to the tip of your elbow while holding it, that's a good size for you. Measure and get the same.
    by: okiken108    
    4/7/2010 10:47:18 PM
    Was this helpful? (1) (0)

    Can't say enough about how pleased we are. The 15 is just perfectly sized for my 8 and 9 year old grandsons. I purchased 19 1/2 for myself. Both sizes are well balanced and very good quality...........  
    by: hisgracecase   
    2/28/2007 7:01:52 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Like the first one so well I bought another set.

    A few months back I order a set of sai from here, and there were fantastic to say the least. Alas, however I had ordered a round set (not that there is anything wrong with the round one) versus an octagonal set.

    Well, I decided to sell the round ones to a person ( a Kung Fu practioner) that wanted a set of sai to display. That gave me the freedom to replace mine so I order a new set. The box arrived and I unpacked them to my dismay the box was marked octagonal, but inside were a set of round ones. I called up customer service and they immediately corrected the problem with a RMA shipping tag to send the intial set back, and shipped the correct set without any problems.

    They are even better than I could of expected. The chrome shines like new money, the balance is there, and they handle very well. I have to take my hat of to KarateDepot and its staff, they stand by what they sell!!

    I want to say thanks to them for being a stand up company and for taking care of this customer in the biggest way possible. Making and order right, and not taking forever to get the job done!  
    by: gregc107   
    8/14/2006 8:07:47 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    good for economy sai

    These sai are durable, but how well can the stand up to a blade I wonder?  
    by: makid   
    6/20/2006 11:10:49 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Nice quality

    Smooth and well balanced, the only improvement that could be made to these would be the wrapping on the handle. Impressive looking in action!!  
    by: khaney01   
    12/10/2005 2:13:13 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Great quality for the money!

    Nicely balanced with good grip. I have never broken a pair and they are very comparable to higher priced sais. Only complaint is that the grip pad may come off eventually but this is easily fixed and grip tape is sold which is easy to put on in case the original grip does come off.

    design: *****

    weight & balance: *****

    durability: ****  
    by: saiboy92   
    12/9/2005 11:13:30 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Excellent buy

    This Sais really impressed me and I have already recommended them to people!  
    by: dstepjoka15   
    11/25/2005 6:11:24 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Chrome Sais

    Exelent product. I have been using this item hard since I have rec'd them and am very impressed. I would give them 4.5 stars only because the weight seems to be just a little much to get used to at first but, once control has been achieved, this does not seem to be an issue. I highly recommend this item to anyone who will be using these for teaching or for advancement in their chosen discipline.  
    by: issgrn   
    10/10/2005 10:38:20 AM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Beautiful Item

    I don't practice any style that uses these, but I bought them so I could put them on display. They are very well built and look really good in chrome.  
    by: Ryu15   
    6/9/2005 3:52:42 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Excellent Product

    This pair of sais is excellent for beginners. They are virtually indestructible, and I have not regretted buying them.   
    by: kyleboxer   
    5/19/2005 2:11:45 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Pretty good

    Not well balanced and not good for the normal catching and throwing that sai are supposed to be used for but they are very durable and easy to use  
    by: master101   
    6/2/2004 1:00:10 PM
    Was this helpful? (0) (0)

    Very pleased with purchase

    These are very well balanced and handle wonderfully.
    The weapons are also very rugged. I continue to use the same pair that I used to break-in as a novice. I practice hard with them indoors and outdoors. They have been dropped and fumbled countless times against hardwood floors, furniture, trees and even a brick fireplace. I first thought I would have to buy a second, identical pair for tournament use only. This is not the case, they still look great and they have been used to place in tournaments twice.  
    by: LocoLobo7   
    4/10/2004 1:46:54 AM
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    Size: 18 inch, Option: Round
    Ships Immediately - 19 On Hand 
    Size: 18 inch, Option: Octagon
    Ships Immediately - 6 On Hand 
    Size: 19-1/2 inch, Option: Round
    Ships Immediately - 7 On Hand 
    Size: 19-1/2 inch, Option: Octagon
    Ships Immediately - 5 On Hand 
    Size: 21-1/2 inch, Option: Octagon
    Ships Immediately - 6 On Hand 
    Size: 21-1/2 inch, Option: Round
    Ships Immediately - 1 On Hand 
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